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  1. You won’t have mechanics the way we do now. Clutches? Brakes? Transmissions? Almost redundant. Throw in autonimous driving and people won’t need to own cars when it becomes a subscription service. Maintenance will be done by major corporates down some back blocks.
  2. Great work. Nice to see all the effort that goes into a project like this.
  3. Yeah, I ended up getting a ‘33 boat for simpler maintenance. Track days are still a stretch in a family situation. The motorkhana events are good value and more family friendly.
  4. Ahh, so it sounds like it should. I’ve got an na8 mx5 with intake, headers and exhaust. Sounds like an angry bumble bee all the time. It’s fun for a while, but Shits me on long journeys. And yes, additional space would be nice. Lucky it’s just my backup car.
  5. Loving this. Is the engine note diminished with the sound tube removed?
  6. I Share your sentiments on the kids thing. Income suffers! Wouldn’t change a thing either. I sold my GTR to fund ‘life’ things.... so it’s great to see you hung on to the dream! Love to see how you progress.
  7. I saw some original Nissan/Datsun manuals at a second hand shop the other day while on holidays. There were heaps of them there. Let me know if you wanted details of the place.
  8. Just noticed supp regs refer to AASA license. I assume CAMS is ok too?
  9. 3 of us just entered today (I just did a few minutes ago)
  10. Not sure if same, but pretty sure I've seen you at Winton some years back? I think it was only just converted to v8 back then...
  11. Great to see this progress. Light at the end of the very long tunnel!
  12. KIA Stinger - would you own one? I'd own one.... While Kia says both engines are still under final development, it expects the four cylinder to produce 190kW at 6200rpm (up from 180kW in the Optima) and 353Nm between 1400-4000rpm while the V6 will generate 272kW at 6000rpm and 510Nm between 1300-4500rpm. http://www.drive.com.au/motor-news/2017-kia-stinger-revealed-20170108-gtnx47.html
  13. Props for the volunteers. Without them it doesn't happen. It was a long day for them. Great day!
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