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  1. Set of 15x10 -20 sunraysias 4/5 x 114.3 like new condition Good tyres $450ono May swap for another set of 5x114.3 wheels
  2. Will also sell them if anyone is interested, will sell them as a pair or full set.
  3. Wanted to swap a pair of 5/4 x114.3 15x10 -20 sunraysias with tyres for a pair of 5x114.3 15x8 sunraysias with a +15 to 0 offset
  4. picked up a vented bonnet the other day, will soon have a fresh coat of black paint as it's currently a cheap can job.
  5. more after wide/neg offset 16's or cash now sorry
  6. Hey Guy's Thinking about off loading my gtr wheels, just an eoi at the moment 16X8 +30 Tyres are near new will swap for 16"steel wheel with 0 to neg 15 offset ( will also consider other wheels) if interested inbox offers or swaps
  7. Haven't posted on here in a while, I finally got around to fitting my blast pipes sounds mint again although stupidly loud having no cat/mufflers ect, other than that not much else is new. thinking of selling my gtr wheels if anyone's interested send me a pm with offers/trades
  8. anyone know what a set of R32 GTR wheels with tires are worth? thinking of selling mine. thanks in advance
  9. After a cheap r33 gtr bumper lip Not fussed on condition/how many pieces it's in as long it can be zip tied together. Thanks
  10. Brand: Roh Model: unsure maybe "drift r" Tyres: 265/35 Advan A048 Pair / Set: Set PCD: 114.3 Diameter: 18x11 +25 (I think will find out) sit flush on my 33 Location: Tasmania, Hobart Price: 600 ono or swap for 16x8, 16x9 or 15x10 in 0 or around negative 25 offset
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