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  1. Everything is brand new. Located in Canada HKS Fcon Vpro 3.3 HKS USA F-CON V Pro Ver 3.3 (more) HKS Vpro R32 harness HKS USA Vehicle Specific F-CON S/V-Pro Harnesses HKS Map sensor HKS USA Pressure Sensor Super Wide Range (3 kg/cm2) HKS Map sensor harness HKS USA Pressure Sensor Harness HKS Intake temp sensor HKS USA Intake Air Temp. Sensor HKS Intake temp sensor harness HKS USA Intake Air Temp. Sensor Harness HKS Knock Amp HKS USA AFK (more) $1640 $325 $260 $39 $65 $20 $1025 Retail on everything is $3374 USD + shipping and whatnot so I would like to see $2600 CAD + Shipping. XE - The World's Favorite Currency and Foreign Exchange Site for exchange
  2. Thanks guys appreciate the help cheers Ben
  3. What rod or wire did you weld them with? That's what I was trying to figure out from the grade. That would be a huge help.
  4. Hey guys, I'm getting a Greddy sump extention welded on and I need to know the grade of aluminum the oil pan is. Anyone know? Cheers Ben
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