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  1. Mosullivan


    i thought my chair was wobly
  2. Still got the original cluster. The exhaust and intake temp readings on the MFD: When the dumps were changed the exhaust temp sensors went too. After that the next time I activated diagnostic mode to calibrate the throttle reading the computer couldnt find an exhaust sensor so it removed those two 'vspec' options from the MFD.
  3. Definitely For Sale The car is a 1999 - R34 GTR V Spec Bought it about 24 months ago (give or take) with 48000km on the clock. Thatclock has since been replaced. As a ball park figure, there would be between70-80,000km on the car all up. I'm the third owner in Australia, car belongedto another forum member prior to myself. The car is in great shape save for a fewissues that come with being 12 years old. stone chips here and there, scratches where you'd expect to find scratches. There's a small wear mark on the bolster of the drivers side seat and thediffuser lip has seen better days And a match head sized spot of rust under thebrake light on the boot. I'm Located near Parramatta Email: Forwardpass@gmail.com Phone: 0408678265 Well, Ok then. onto the details. Engine: Internals are stock standard with the following bolt ons: Garrett GT2860R-7 Turbos Apexi power FC with hand controller HKS EBC and turbo timer HKS Adjustable Cams Split Fire coilpacks Power enterprise 700cc injectors Bosch 044 fuel pump Apexi Pods HKS hard pipe kit apexi carbon cold air box Mines carbon radiator shroud X force split dumps Impul Front pipe Impul blast cat back Gutted cat. 100mm inter cooler Air oil Separator Exedy Clutch Brakes and Suspension, Tyres and wheels HSD HR Coil overs - They get shit done DBA 400 Slotted rotors Project Mu carbon metal? rear pads Endless CCA front pads Standard GTR Wheels Eagle F1 Symmetricals - 245/40/18 - More tread than you could ever possiblyneed (your results may differ) In car there is: Mongoose M80s immobiliser and alarm 320kmh nismo speedo eclipse head unit with ipod controller (top ofthe range) Boston acoustic front splits Boston acoustic rear 3 ways Clarion 2 channel amp Alpine 4 channel amp Pioneer 10 inch sub Tuned by Croyden Racing developments toproduce 307 AWKW This car has been a pleasure to ownand drive, it's always been well looked after and needs a good home due to a pending move south of the border. Asking $50,000 - My loss, your gain
  4. Moving to Mexibourne where the cops have even less of a sense of humour Needs to go
  5. Cavity cast! Sounds dirty Need to go, $3000
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