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  1. I did have a 6870 on it for some time, but after multiple smoking issues with Precision i opted for something different. The S369 was also on both setups. Never a smoking issue with the Borg either! Now im currently waiting on a new manifold to show up with better gate priority. and will be retuning with the new G42 in the coming months.
  2. it was boost leak tested, and emap is thru the roof even on lower boost levels. combined with this CNC ported head and cams it just flows, it made 665whp on only 16psi which is almost 100whp higher then previous combo same turbo.. Car trapped 142mph at 680whp weighing 3200lbs, Dynojet 224x is the dyno its been on.
  3. I was logging shaft speed which was just over 130k RPM Divided 1.0 T4 turbine housing too BTW It made just over 800whp on 27psi and i couldnt get anymore boost out of it which isnt suprising being shaft speed was so high and emap thru the roof Im assuming it likely would have made closer to 900whp+ if the EMAP wasnt so high. i was going to go to larger turbine housing but decieded to opt for the new G42-1200 unit from Garrett With new turbo and a 1.15 turbine housing the EMAP now, on 28psi of boost is around 34psi. i am now dropping fuel pressure alot and am currently out of injector because of it. so looks to be making some more steam!
  4. I had an S369SXE on my 26/30 the emap suffered horribly, be interesting to see it on this setup here is a datalog of mine
  5. From what i know guys have been having good luck with Spool and supertec spline drives.. centering a pump over the crankshaft should be done on any crank driven oil pump for obviois reasons.. The Nitto design looks fine, fewer points of contact, but perhaps its to accommodate more flex and or clearance needed. I have a Spool set in my engine now and its been working great thus far, i also have a set from Supertec, the Supertecs have a noticeable amount more clearance in the splines compaired to the Spools.
  6. sorry to hear about the trouble, When i purchased mine it had instructions of how to properly align it.. Let us know what you find!
  7. I mounted dial indicators on the north/south and east/west angles.. loosely mounted the oil pump and moved it upwards downwards side to side etc.. to see the total clearance in each direction.. then split the clearance and tightened pump down..
  8. I just blended the entry and exits inside the pump so they would flow better than a straight sharp edged hole. I used a dial indicator to setup the pump, drilled the dowel holes larger in pump housing and centered pump over crank with 2 dial indicators. What ive noticed over the years of building these engines is even from the factory.. the alignment isnt spot on, which could be the reason some guys get away with stock oil pumps alot longer than others.
  9. I have installed the Spool spline drive gears in a New N1 housing that i ported a bit. Its in the car and running. Seems to be working well. My only concern was the fairly low pressure at idle.. used to be about 20psi with the Tomei. It is now at around 12psi hot.. but goes up quickly with revs so should be fine as long as it doesnt go any lower. This engine should make north of 800whp so report back if anyone wants updates.
  10. Pretty few and far between on a 2J though.. not to mention those are probably powdered metal gears or whatever junk they use.. But thanks for posting.
  11. What kinda power are you making? How long you have the spline drive installed?
  12. Its still driven by the conventional method 2 flat spots on drive.. there are splines on the Tomei gears but not technically a spline drive.. my Tomei didnt fail me however it got pretty beat up with the crank snout breaking. I was using a Ross pulley. I went back to an N1 pump housing i ported the entry and exits so it flows a little easier.. Tomei pump is good and all but having that much flow isnt really needed IMO.. causes more issues than it fixes with oil pooling in head and or sucking sump dry... Stock VG30 pumps and 2JZ pumps work just fine for 1000hp.. no reason a properly driven N1 pump cant supply a sufficient amount of oil.
  13. I went with the Spool gears, yours are almost double the money.. i agree the Tomei pump is a better housing however.. having that much flow seems to cause more issues then it fixed..
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