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  1. Pretty few and far between on a 2J though.. not to mention those are probably powdered metal gears or whatever junk they use.. But thanks for posting.
  2. What kinda power are you making? How long you have the spline drive installed?
  3. Its still driven by the conventional method 2 flat spots on drive.. there are splines on the Tomei gears but not technically a spline drive.. my Tomei didnt fail me however it got pretty beat up with the crank snout breaking. I was using a Ross pulley. I went back to an N1 pump housing i ported the entry and exits so it flows a little easier.. Tomei pump is good and all but having that much flow isnt really needed IMO.. causes more issues than it fixes with oil pooling in head and or sucking sump dry... Stock VG30 pumps and 2JZ pumps work just fine for 1000hp.. no reason a properly driven N1 pump cant supply a sufficient amount of oil.
  4. I went with the Spool gears, yours are almost double the money.. i agree the Tomei pump is a better housing however.. having that much flow seems to cause more issues then it fixed..
  5. Good to hear, thanks for the feedback
  6. Yes, I've seen that thread.. more less just wanted to here some people that have a few years+ of use/abuse on them.
  7. mitchum

    I haven't had it on the dyno yet, I moved from a 6870 to the S369.. The only data I have is a botched quarter mile pass on about 20-21 psi which resulted in me breaking the snout off my crankshaft!! I trapped 137.5mph in a 3300lb car on 20-21psi and it shut off just before the end.. It spools very close to the 6870 I'm running the T4 Divided 1.0 turbine housing
  8. mitchum

    Its on a Forged RB30, ported head Tomei 272's E85 I like the turbo so far good response for what it is and it seems to make decent power.. Cant beat it for the money.. I sold my Precision after Precision rebuilt it and bought 2 Borg warners!! haha
  9. mitchum

    Breaking the Valve guides a common thing? what causes that?
  10. Debating going to a Spool spline Drive oil pump gear setup, has anyone seen any failures, weird wear? I currently have a Tomei Pump, Recently broke the Snout of my crank off at the track (no idea why) this has me thinking about switching to a different perhaps better setup. Whats everyones thoughts on this these days..
  11. mitchum

    Precisions make power but are the most unreliable turds out there.. ended up going Borg had 6870 constant smoke issues... now S369 been solid so far.
  12. I've done this swap, there is no reason to swap to larger headbolts.. same thing the RB30 guys do.. just leave the 11mm studs be dowel pins will keep head located properly. The front coolant passage on the head will need to be welded and reshaped to the 25 head gasket and the vct oil port in block i tapped and plugged with a grub screw...
  13. mitchum

    Any updates to this? How's it holding up, anyone been beating these things? Broke the common 3rd gear.. looking for a solution..
  14. Thats gonna be a beast!^^^^^^^
  15. mitchum

    You still on a stock bottom end??