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  1. Has anyone had there chassis rails or sill panel jacking points repaired before? or know of any places in SA that have done it or can do it? My fronts are crushed, doesnt bother me or affect the car at all but will be selling the car soon and it may put people off buying. cheers
  2. I have these on my 32 gtr, have done 1 track day so far. I obviously got ripped off at $200 per tyre, but thats still cheaper than any other performance tyre around, in adelaide anyways. They did pretty well for a budget tyre tbh, they were quite stable, i was only having trouble with understeer (not sure if it was the tyres). they're certainly not up there with the higher priced brands but for the price im not complaining. I figured they were worth trying, for the price if they didnt work at least you havent wasted too much money.
  3. They felt quite firm but i cant compare them to standard gtr shocks as i wouldnt know how the standard ones are, they almost seemed firmer than the BC BR's i replaced them with though. yeah ive got no idea how old they are but im sure they dont ride the same as they did when new.
  4. Can anyone tell me anything about these shocks? Came out of my r32 gtr but i dont think they are the factory shocks are they? They look as old as the car though. Nismo part numbers 56110-rn585 and 56210-rn585. They are made by KYB.
  5. Don't know if the rules have changed or not, about 5 years ago i put a 1JZ into an NA ma70 supra, i called the rego office first and they told me to just fill out the vehicle modification form, they didn't even need to check the car.
  6. I recently fitted a set of Project MU HC+, have only travelled about 100 kms on the street with them so far but they seem to pull up very well and i have not heard the slightest bit of squeal yet.
  7. + Walbro 460 pump 1200cc injectors Nismo AFM's Adjustable FPR E85 317kw @ 18psi
  8. Hi guys, im fitting new injectors and fuel pump soon to change over to E85, am i able to refill the tank with E85 and drive it to the tuner without making any ecu changes? or would it be better to run the new pump and injectors on 98 to get it to the tuner and let them change the fuel?
  9. Sorry mate, everything has been sold now
  10. Im after R32 GTR windscreen wiper relay/control, located drivers side engine bay near brake master cylinder, must be good operational order. As pictured. Also still looking for factory brake ducts for r32 gtr (attach to plastic inner guard)
  11. Is this the kit that eliminates the ball joint? This is the way id like to go. I had concerns of the qaulity of some of them, specially the bush that replaces the joint, are you happy with yours?
  12. Im looking for responses from you guys that have your cars setup for motorsports, what kit (if any) do you use for hicas delete? Lockbar with factory tie rod and ball joint? eliminator kit that replaces tie rods? or even total eliminator kit that replaces outer ball joint with a bush? I have one rubbish tie rod and maybe ball joint that i need to replace, and for near $200 from nissan im exploring other options but i want what is best for the track, i dont care about flashy wank factor and i dont want a cheap inferior lock out kit or cheap ebay tie rod. What will be most reliable and long lasting? Any advice appreciated cheers
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