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  1. It's still driving me mad ! However I'm getting closer to the problem. The isolating switch which stops the car from starting in gear is inside the transmission, so I need a wiring diagram for a transmission with the code : RE5R05A. I hope someone here has one. This forum is a great source of information. Thanks in anticipation,
  2. I've check the obvious, replaced the ignition switch. If I can find it I'm going to look at the Park Neutral lockout switch. Someone suggested that to be the culprit.
  3. Hi there, I need some help diagnosing a problem with my NM35 Stagea, or maybe a contact for someone in Sydney who is familiar with the electronics/computer ? Nothing happens when I turn the key to start the car, the P indicator on the dash is not illuminated. I then have to turn ignition off then on till P is lit, then it will crank although it won't start, cranks for approx 5 seconds then stops cranking and I have to repeat this procedure til it starts. To top it off sometimes when it starts it runs rough for 15 seconds and stops, just like it was on full choke. The choke reference gives my age away. Thanks in anticipation.
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