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  1. Hey, may be interested and able to collect as I am in Adelaide - Blackwood. Where are you located?
  2. Could anyone confirm if theses will be a replacement rear disc brake rotor for Nissan Stagea, Series 2 C34 build 2000. Working from a set of Dixcels for sale to fit above vehicle, part number 3252006 with the following specs: Outer Diameter - 300mm Thickness - 22mm Height - 63mm Holes - 5 PCD - 114.3 Protex have same specification - part number DR929 (listed to fit Skyline R32 GT-R, R33 GT-R and R34 GT-R). This is a cheaper alternative to the Dixcels. As mentioned before - would like confirmation these are the correct specs to replace existing on a Series 2 rear disc rotor. Cheers
  3. HI, reviving an old topic but having the same problem - any fixes found for this?? Changed coil but still a problem
  4. Where are you located, I'm in Adelaide and got blank m35 instead of c34. Your welcome to them. That's if I can find them
  5. I have the original scans somewhere - pm me your email and I will try get them to you when I find them
  6. Its in here http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/375182-2000-stagea-sales-brochure-price-list/ Pages 20-21
  7. Slightly damaged one for $195 isnt too bad, and i might have a piece of the mesh too, the other bars are $440, painting them is the bummer - try to get one the colour you need.
  8. I had same problem - just put on front dayz bar - didnt worry about the skirts, here is how it looks, and try here for parts - http://www.japaneseimportspares.com.au/nissanstageaw34-aftermarket-parts-up-grade/
  9. scrub radius - it was the excuse I got for the tyres - yes it may still happen on a dodgey road but not the 1/2 foot jolt to either side for a slight indifference in the road surface. Like i said - best start with the cheap fixes first, and as far as my bolt-on spacers go - they were put on to see if they would fix the problem I had after putting on the tyres that didnt suit the suspension of my car.
  10. tyre pressure would be the cheapest and easiest thing to try
  11. process of elimination from cheapest/easiest up - firstly what did you change to make it happen. Try other wheels, if its still there its not your wheels, (if it isnt, it might be your tyres) - then try without spacers (if the wheels fit) - then try other tyres... pain in the bum, i know, ive been there, but there is nothing worse than a poorly handling car, especially if it was ok before.
  12. had the same problem when i went from cheap tyres to expensive tyres - turned out the expensive tyres were too "square and stiff (runflats)" for the hard suspension on my car and they would fight each other to sit the car flat on the road. Guy who sold them to me said the car was the problem... later i put on some cheapies with softer sidewall and more rounded edge and the problem was fixed. I am also running 25mm spacers but only up front.
  13. Hey, have you had any luck with this? I have on in the garage I might be able to part with - has no stagea badge though
  14. I always shop here, great guys http://www.japaneseimportspares.com.au/nissanstageaw34aftermarketparts/
  15. Hi all, So the steering rack mounts need replacing again, I say again as I had them looked at about a year ago and was told they couldn't find the right ones, so they repacked them and now they are loose again. Think they ordered the Super Pro SPF2681K. My question is, are there two differernt steering rack setups meaning two differernt mount bushes? Also if anyone knows where to get these in Adelaide let me know. It's for a series 2 2000 model awd. Cheers.
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