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  1. Just realised the link i put up back in Feb isn't working properly any more, hopefully the one below works properly. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Skyline-2006/SSE-AD-940169/?Cr=2
  2. Hey guys, just thought I would mention that my V35 is still up for sale, price has now dropped to 23k. Please make me an offer, i'd rather she go to a good home now than waiting for me to drive her once every couple of nights.
  3. The headunit is a custom one that a local company called Carzon did, the owner is a family friend. They are the headunits that are supplied to the local Toyota dealerships when people pick the aftermarket headunit option. Its pretty damn good, comes with 2 usb & a ipod connection in the glove box. And i'll be honest the only thing i didn't like was the aftermarket reverse camera, its so small thats you will never see it unless its pointed out to you, but 1 day the vision just got blurry. Its okay in regular light but completely hopeless at night, but considering thats the only problem ive ever had with the car. Plus I kept the original headunit and all the parts for it and I will be giving them with the car you could put them back in and put the english software now that the Series 2 english conversion is ready, its the same software for the series 3 V35's.
  4. Yeah on stock suspension they are deceptively higher than they look
  5. If your after a Series 3 black 06 350GT Coupe, mine is also on carsales for a decent price, actually really need it gone because I was given a work car and dont have anymore room for it, its currently at my parents place, shame to see her go but hope she goes to a good home! http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/nissan-skyline-2006-14846288?base=1216&vertical=Car&cr=1&eapi=2&__N=4294739354%201621%204294950370%2053%201246%201252%201247%201282%204294766498%204294963846%204294963593%201216&num=15&silo=Stock&Range=Year%3a2006%2cMax&sort=default
  6. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/nissan-skyline-2006-13581306?base=1216&vertical=Car&cr=2&eapi=2&__N=1216+1246+1247+1252+1282+4294766498+4294963846+4294963593+903&num=15&silo=Stock&Range=Price:Min,30000~0.5&items=[series:V35,BaseEnabledBadge:350GT]&sort=default That should work.
  7. Bump. Price has been dropped to 26,500 or best offer Also a few updates to the car, has new headunit with built in dvd player/ phone bluetooth control for audio and phone control. And it also comes with satellite GPS with no excess yearly charges with automatic map updating, glovebox ipod & dual usb connections for external music sources and also a hidden reverse camera. Updated pictures have been added to the carsales ad.
  8. Bump.| It is 1 of only few series 3 v35's in aus, also its a premium editon
  9. I am the first owner in Australia and I only imported the car 3 months ago, and still have all the auction/shipping/customs/compliance papers that I received when importing the car. It is a 2006 Series 3 V35 350GT in Obsidian Black, and I was told it was the first series 3 v35 to be imported into Victoria, with the only other compliance plates offered for series 3 v35's in Perth and Queensland. It comes with a full black interior with black leather and suede seats. The car is bone stock with no modifications on it at all. The car was only imported & received compliance plates in July 2012. With specs of 206kW power and 365Nm of torque, weighing in at 1600, and sporting a VQ35DE V6, this car is amazing to drive, and is just so comfortable it is a dream to drive when taking it easy, and puts the power down when in the mood. More information (and the pictures are too large to upload here) can be found on the carsales ad here>> http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/nissan-skyline-2006-13581306?base=1216&vertical=Car&cr=2&eapi=2&__N=1216+1246+1247+1252+1282+4294766498+4294963846+4294963593+903&num=15&silo=Stock&Range=Price:Min,30000~0.5&items=[series:V35,BaseEnabledBadge:350GT]&sort=default The price is 28,500 O.N.O
  10. sure no problem, i'll send you a PM at the end of the month if its still available
  11. I got it straight from Ionic Dynamics in america, the same guys who also do the Gialla grille for the G35 and the fitment is perfect, all the pop rivet holes lined up perfectly, there was no bends or flexes in it and the colour was all one share, no dodgey paint job on it.
  12. Ha yeah i thought about that too, then i saw that some people had tried to continue the lines with bondo and repaint, but it always looked a little off but this one looks soooo nice, they also had the option of a flat matte black but this satin black looks so much better, it reflects & shines along with the car
  13. Ahh yeah i had a look in the market place section and there is barely any V35 parts there so i thought it would be better if it posted it straight to all the V lovers. And yeah i am kind of quite on the forums but I am a good guy, i would never screw someone over specially when it comes to cars, being a broke car lover is a hard enough, i definitely wouldn't screw over another car lover Anyways i took a pic http://i.imgur.com/3WSuJ.jpg And located in Wheelers hill if any locals want to know how far to go.
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