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  1. yea send me a msg on 0450232121 and ill take a pic of it for you cheers
  2. Back up for sale again. Kit now includes: Greddy turbo (8cm rear housing) Greddy exhaust manifold Turbosmart Hypergate45mm external waste gate Greddy dump pipe Greddy exhaust housing heat shield All the braided lines and fittings All gaskets and bolts Now fitted to my r34 gtt and still in the car so if you are early you can get a test drive. Making 322rwkw on 18psi on BP98 Reason for sale is going bigger turbo.
  3. brought a non-running 34gtr from nsw to melboourne door to door for $270 4 years ago .. yes im a bargain hunter... recently the same costed me $400 for a running vehicle so go figure.. ps Auto-logistics.com.au to me is the way to go oh and if the car is lowered.. then the wont like you
  4. It can be registered in NSW if it had an accident. Only if a car less than 15 years old gets written off in NSW it cannot be registered anywhere in auz. If a repairable writeoff passes an VIV inspection in any state in auz besides nsw then it can be registered in nsw yours is more than 15 years old so irrelevant!!!
  5. Guys where is the meeting point tonight before the drive up to she
  6. Damm its all booked out, anywhere else close by i could book to chill with other members too?
  7. Any details on accomodation? I called the shepperton lake park and they said they dont have any sau people this weekend
  8. What type of gate and manifold? stainless or steampipe? what rpm do you get full boost?
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