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  1. haha are you drunk? I just want to know if they are the same. As per the question in the title: RB26 AWD Sump / RB25 AWD Stagea Sumps - Are they the same?
  2. Thanks mate, I will try and get a hold of him. Hopefully he replies here
  3. Hi Gents Long time no speak lol. I was wondering if the RB26 AWD sump and the RB25 Neo Stagea AWD sumps were the same? I totally understand that the diff ratios etc might be different. That doesn't matter though diff is being replaced. Thanks
  4. Just to add to this mate - I contacted Kudos Motorsport earlier and they said the plates are 2mm thick. He has 12 in stock so I might be able to grab some if they are the issue. Thanks for your help though.
  5. He says it is 0.9mm at the moment. I'm starting to think my steel plates are all worn that slightest amount. All the friction plates are brand new.
  6. I just asked him and he said that is exactly how he has done it. I guess now all I need to do is measure the thickness of my steel plates and see how much they are worn. If you have some there and can give me a measurement that would be great
  7. Yeah that is it I am pretty sure. (I am just a dumb tuner, I'm not doing this, my friend who is a mechanic is lol ) This is a donor case so I have no idea how it was treated before I got it. It's from a R33 GTR so it is possible someone stupid was pulling the fuse and doing skids not knowing these have preload. I have only used Transmax Z in both of my GTRs transfer cases so glad to hear that. This one we are building is for a circuit car hence the 10 plate mod. He has also assured me that he is measuring it with the Attesa actuator installed with the piston in. Just curious, when you say "piston in" does that just mean the actuator bolted onto the back with no hydraulic pressure? (at rest if that makes sense)
  8. Hi BK! Thank you very very much for this long and informative post. I am going to double check with my mate that is rebuilding the transfer case and see if there is something wrong. I am building it with the new arrangement (most aggressive, s/f/s/f/s/f/s/f/s) I already have a 5.0mm and 6.2mm retainer, but he thinks he needs 6.7mm. I have purchased brand new friction plates, but have reused the steel plates. Maybe that is the cause of the large clearance - re-using the steel plates? What are the steel plates meant to be thickness wise? Thanks again mate, I really appreciate this input.
  9. Hi Everyone I'm in a bit of a pickle. I need the end plate in the transfer case. Circled in the picture. These steel plates come in various sizes to set the clearance. I need it to be 6.7mm / 6.8mm thick. Can anyone help? I will pay up front and need it to be posted fairly quickly. Thanks
  10. Hi Duncan Thanks for the reply. The only piece that GKtech make is the black spacer: I was just thinking that f the ABS teeth are mounted on the shaft then there will be an issue with the spacers installed. I use the passenger side ABS sensors too as my second wheel speed input. This is going to be interesting. I might need to get custom shafts made up. Do you have somewhere you have them made? Or do you just use the drive shaft shop?
  11. Hi Everyone. I have a few questions about front drive shafts. Has anyone ever used spacers or required and obtained some slightly longer drive shafts? I want to increase my front camber by pushing the bottom of the wheel outwards about 10mm but when we did that it extended / stretched the driveshaft too much and a blew a driver side shaft taking a left corner at high load on a hill climb. Seems that it pulled the CV apart / out because it was stretched too far. Some have asked me if my mounts are okay - well they are brand new (Everything is new) The car is a R33 GTR that has been fully built for circuit. I'm pretty sure that R32 / R33 and R34 GTRs all use the same front driveshafts. I cannot pull the top in anymore unfortunately. Plus filling the guards outwards would be nice and give me more track. I'm not really a suspension guy. Engine / Tuning is my area so go easy on me if I have said anything stupid. The main bits underneath are Ikeya Formula so I have a lot of adjustment. Also Running a quaife front diff and Full Race AWD controller so the AWD definitely gets a hammering. I have spoken to GKTech and he said they make these for the rear, but I would like to know if they fit the front too. Has anyone ever done this before?
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