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    2003 NM35 , V35 skyline
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  1. cad

    NM35 MAF pin outs

    All done Z33 air sensor done and series 3 sports reset seems to be working as it should. Take it for a run tonight and see what happens.
  2. cad

    NM35 MAF pin outs

    Thanks but i still have to get it working. Currently im using a G Zone unit.
  3. cad

    NM35 MAF pin outs

    Thanks for the reply Scotty. I bought of Yahoo Japan a series 3 nismo reset ECU which comes with a Z33 AFM and housing along with a patch lead. The plug which matches my sensor has had the wiring and pins ripped out so i dont know how to match it to mine. The system came out of a working nm35 stagea so i presume it will operate correctly on mine. Two wire have been joined on the Z33 wiring harness one of which is an earth.I have power and the sense signal wire but the car wont idol. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. NM35 MAF pin outs In need of a little wiring knowledge on what the pin outs on nm35 MAF sensor are so I can wirer in one of a Z33.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Brett.
  5. cad

    M35 Wood Grain Trim

    Hi Have a wood centre consul if your interested. Thanks Brett.
  6. Has anyone got a spare rear bar for M35 preferably straight not curved back under ? Live in Brissy
  7. Thanks to a new AFM from Scotty my Stag is going again.Thanks Scott. Regards Brett
  8. Scotty I tried to PM you but the message is blocked.It looks like my supplier for the AFM cant supply for 3 weeks because of Chinese new year so I was wondering if you can supply me with a AFM.
  9. Thanks Brick but its already ordered.
  10. I unplugged the AFM and the car now revs but a little rough so I am about to order a new Bosch one for $80 dollars but why wasn't the engine light on,
  11. Your right Scotty , I checked the sock but I don't have a check engine light on.I ran a manual MIL check and ended up with 10 slow flashes followed by 3 sets of quick 10 flashes.The car does start but idles good for 3 seconds than idles roughly for a little while than stops.The throttle butterfly is operating.What does AFM stand for and where is it. Thanks Bertt
  12. Hi guys Im in need of some advise please.Went to start the stagea and the battery was flat so I charged it up and when I went to start it again it idled rough and there was no accelerator.Can some one give me an idea of what to do next as I have check the fuel filter on the pump and its clean. Thanks Brett
  13. Chasing a new windscreen for my M35 and need to know who carries them. Thanks Brett
  14. cad

    No Reverse Lights

    Problem solved.Blown fuse behind battery
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