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  1. Hi Duncan, Sorry for the thread dig. Could please I grab a copy of the C34 workshop manual? Pm sent 🙏
  2. Considered looking at buying a wreck / half cut and going swapping in a DET?
  3. Calling cv shaft gurus: What causes the end cap to bulge on the right shaft? Looks like an interference fit, could I just flatten it out and re fit? Or is it rebuild time? As far I remember there were no noises coming from the rear end when they were still in the car. Cheers in advance.
  4. N/A's a petty gultless either way.... Well mine was..... Wouldn't be much of a difference?
  5. What If you just pulled the turbo off and ran a N/A Manifold?? Inform Vicroads, bolt back on after you get your fulls? I drove my 33 around on my P's for 3 years and never was inspected. IMO comes down to how you drive regarding cop attention.
  6. My R33 GTS prior to a commodore driver collecting my front end. Currently a build project.
  7. Hi mate very interested in the bonnet. So you have any pics?
  8. Hi all as the title states after a R33 S2 bonnet prefably in KR4 silver but not a major issue. Willing to travel to either Melbourne or Sydney. Thanks
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