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  1. lol hahaha. They once made a La Bomba toilet paper. But there was a problem, it wouldn't take shit from anybody!!!!!!!!!!! thats riight i Win the discusive arguement throught smartness and ban evasion
  2. The guy actually did have a beard :\ . A big grey one. And edicassy, like...EDICAT! like respectability etc and refinedness.
  3. No, all my stories actually are real, doubt anyone could think of them considering how unbelievable they are....i think have more to do than make up a story about a volvo driver almost destroying my beautiful immaculate car at a petrol station. by the way Wash my car for insulting me, it's gotten a lil dirty from being in the rain today
  4. lol at noels comment about the walking frame. +1. -Bubba ur as bad as a volvo driver then, if i flew into a petrol station at 60kmh and had to slam on the breaks to stop in line with the fuel pump, and cut someone of and almost totalled the car. (my car wud of been written off). id say....oh sorry i didnt even see yu there, wen a hotshot said to me Oi mate u almost took out of my front end. going off has no edicassy demonstrated bubbA, and quit tryng to light my fuse caus i am staying out of trouble caus i dont want banned.
  5. So here is the story, I just had taken the HPT Green P plates test, which I passed. ALL HAIL LA BOMBA! And anyway then I proceed to drive my Sil to Bridgestone to get new rear tires and book in a wheel alignment etc, so I selected Bridgestone Porenza ER300, 225/50/16. i think thats what they were called. Thats what i was recommended, front tires have still good tread but their shitty korean tires I found out. ANYWAY now to the main story, I pulled in to the petrol service station after being at bridgestone and anyway am ready to lightly turn into the pump to fill up with fuel, and then a volvo driver literally drives in the entrance at about 60kmh (nearest the fuel pump im going to turn into), and launches himself into my fuel station pump. Narrowly missing the front end of my Sil. So by then I was very angry and put the car in park, turned off the ignition and hopped out of the car. A man who looks about 60/65 hops out of the Volvo shitbox turbo wagon. ANd i said La Bomba says:Oi Mate, you almost took my front end how about yu drive a bit more responsibly. Old man River says: How about you f**ken shut your mouth i came in here at 50kmh and I didn't even see ya u lil shit. La Bomba says: Yeahhhh cause you were going so damn fast ya stooge i had my blinker on and everything and u just flew in without even looking to see if a car was turning in Old man River says: Mate i came to get some f**ken fuel i dont need ur f**ken shit La Bomba says: Im not giving yu shit all i want is a fkn apology for almost hitting my car!!! Old Man River says: I dont give a f**kkk! La Bomba says: Yeahhhh old man river its the older population who goes on about young guys being the embarasment of the population yet ur swearing ur head at an 18 yr old, your reall good aren't ya. you wonder why young ones act like they do these days, take a look in the fkn mirror mate. Old Man River says: (he doesnt reply) I then proceeded to hop into my car. and wait for the guy to fill up with his fuel. bloody volvo driver
  6. La Bomba

    My Pride and Joy.

  7. Hookkk me da link to that 6000Watt subwoofer man? and na i just like silvia's better than the non turbo skylines, and supras i wasthinking bout but cudnt be bothered taking my time to find a good one
  8. lmaooo yea but it has no subwoofer, and evn da radio and cd stacker doenst work...i was tryna put sum mad beatz on wen i had a greek chik in da car from da north shore and the radio wudnt go past 90.0 fm (wtf). and nope no souvlaki stand, i dnt hav enuf cash for that, but wen i hav enuf cash im gona get a big soundsystem so that da road has an earthquake and cars go crazy caus of da basss. Saving for 2 Pioneer 15 Inch 8000W (16,000wats total) subwoofers for a big sounddddddddd!!! Ouft im planing on spending around $10,000 on the soundsystem alone!!!!
  9. Excuse me pepsinator started it first!!! im a testosterone fueled bodybuilder wat do u expect mate? me to jus sit bak and hav a protein shake and let him get away with it? no disrespect u own a 1978 skyline. La Bomba shal let it rest.
  10. Best alarm system is putting spike strips all around your car and bolting them into the ground, a steering wheel lock, alarm, immoboliser, and spike strips bolted into the ground at the exit of the carpark. thatll ensure those good for nothing theives dont take ur car.
  11. ur a bald guy off star trek? geez u are fkn wanker arent yu
  12. ur a bit of a 'head mate. my rims are in perfect condition with no gutter rrash which prooves the median strip didnt caus my rear end to go out u know it all. ur jus jealous i get way more chikz then yu, and that chikz love my mulet.
  13. yes it does!!!!!!!!!! it was made in japan therefore ur insulting japan, imagien if i was yakuza and u said that to me! id go apeshit! yo i call out to pepsis cuzins, ask the girlz for one nightz luvin, pull over open da door and they're in, hoomagawd la bombas going for da win. cauz i be hektik in da backseat, and I pump dem to da sound of da beat. then i drop them off and ask for petrol money, $30 later and i think itz real funny, hektik rap 2010 copyright
  14. the only thing that is thick is my penis
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