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  1. Hi Johnny, Love the build, it gives me the much motivation needed to get into my 33.. I am really keen to know more about the details of your PWM setup, any chance you are you able to provide a wiring diagram on how you set yours up? Size of wiring and fuses etc? There so much conflicting info on the interwebs, however, it seems like you have refined the setup nicely. Cheers
  2. R3N3

    2015 Photo Thread

    a couple of shots from my Holiday:
  3. R3N3

    2015 Photo Thread

    Any way to post pics from 500px? It doesn't want to let me.
  4. That photo was taken using an old 50mm F1.4 super taumar lens, no editing was done on the canon to make it look like that.
  5. Some pics from a recent Sydney visit: And my first attempt of light painting: I have now built myself a decent PC/Hackintosh so i can use multiple images and combine them together.
  6. Top pic looks like Whangamomona?You based in NZ?
  7. Cheers, it was taken at Ahipara, which is on 90 mile beach near the very top of NZ
  8. Just recently got into photography, here's a couple of pics:
  9. Cheers17x10 + 15 rear with 255/40/17 FK452 17x9 +15 front with 235/40/17 FK452 Wheels are lenso D1R
  10. do you have a link to buy the r33 dress up bolt kit for the engine bay?
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