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  1. oh, if you are adventurous, you can try looking at this and do a DIY.
  2. No worries! I am in NZ as well so if you find anything cheaper, do let me know!
  3. Are you in NZ? I am sure it can be done in Aussie as long as you are willing to pay big money for it. The closest I have seen in NZ is this add-on system that you can find on trademe but it's costs $1600 to install plus another $200 if you want usb connection! http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.asp?id=1176366515&cc=61&pid=501558874&hbc=12&member_hash=&ct=title-link Sounds abit too much in my opinion.
  4. Yikes posted my reply only to notice it's Pete starting the thread so I have already mentioned about the Toyos in my other post. Sorry for reposting! My RWD crossover comes with a set of Toyo MP-Z tyres and so far I have not had any issues with traction when accelerating in the wet.
  5. Hmmm.... still no issue with the traction so far and we have had almost 1.5 weeks of rain here in Auckland! Could be me not pushing the car hard enough I guess. Let us know how you get on with the LSD Pete!
  6. Did you get a windscreen cover for your car Peter? I always did since all those years back the mrs had a toyota OPA which was quite rare back then in Auckland and we had to get a replacement side window. So it's probably worth getting a windscreen cover for this!
  7. Hey Pete, not too sure on the LSD but I thought the setup for the coupe, sedan and crossover is fairly similar especially from a safety and performance point of view. I had a look at the Nissan official page and both the coupe and the crossover's announcement which give detailed description of the features of the cars didn't mentioned anything on LSD. However, I have had my crossover for almost a month now and there has been some pretty bad days here in Auckland and I never had any issue with wheelspin or the traction control kicking in when I accelerate on wet surface. I have a set of TOYO MP-Z tyres on the car which has pretty good thread on them so not too sure if the tyres have anything to do with the wheelspin. As I said in the other post, I did get a few wheelspin previously on my v36 coupe which had a set of Nitto INVOs. I have never driven a sedan before but drove the coupe previously and now the crossover. I agree with you that the crossover does look more luxurious but I think the coupe too looks really nice and luxurious. One thing I like about the crossover more than the coupe is the amount of tech in the car like I have mentioned previously. The LDP and LDW and intelligent cruise control together with the around view monitor is awesome! I just love backing into carparks now because of the around view monitor! I still think the coupe is alot more fun to drive but considering how much more practical the crossover is for a family with a baby, it is a great compromise for my situation. Anyway, let us know how you get on with the LSD installation. Will be interested to see how you fit one in.
  8. I have a set of toyo MPZ on mine which is a RWD version and so far haven't had any issues with it on wet surface. My old v36 coupe had a set of INVO nittos on them and the traction control did on a few occasion, kicked in when I tried to accelarate harder after a set of lights in the wet. What tyres are you guys on?
  9. Hi Stuart, Thanks for the reply! I have over the last couple of weeks found out abit more about the car:- 1) In terms of the steering control, in my old car, I used to be able to have a bluetooth interface on the touch screen display whereby I can use my steering control to toogle up and down to select play, pause, forward, backward on the screen and press my steering control to select what I want. With my current car, I can't seems to find that interface and all it has is play, pause and 1 other option in japanese which I have no idea what it is. Problem is I can't toogle between play and pause on my steering control so will need to go to the touch screen to select what I want. 2) Apparently the lane departure warning and prevention only works when the car is travelling at a speed of at least 65 to 70km/h. So if the car is going slower than that, there will not be any warnings or prevention. I did a search on google and found a nissan youtube clip explaining this. I have now tried at higher speed and it works all the time. In terms of the proximity sensing ability of my key, I noticed that mine is not working as well i.e. when i get close to the car, the light on the side mirror won't light up. I will need to press my key to unlock the car before the light switches on. Do you think it's because my car has an aftermarket immobiliser as well? What do you need to do to check and confirm this? 3) Still haven't been able to find out how to disable to school nearby warning. Will be great if you can advise. Thanks heaps in advance! Lucky you that you can get the nav menu converted to English! I am jealous as that's the only downside of the car although it's not a big issue for me for day to day driving. I know abit of chinese so can make sense of a few things in japanese but just takes alot more time to look around. Tempted to just get my friend who knows japanese to help me sort things out. The translation in this forum works great but seems like the crossover has a slightly different interface than the coupe's which makes looking for things alittle bit more difficult. Do you know if there is a way to change the background colour of the touch screen? Personally, I prefer the older display which generally has a dark blue background. I remember my old 350GT used to have an option to change the colour. Never tried it on the 370GT before though. Anyway, I do like the dashboard colours alot more than the old one! All white instead of white and red with a orange center display defintely looks way better! 4) Yes, mine has the Contimobility kit too which I have never used before. Agree, will be interesting if the damage is more than just a puncture hole. 5) I can't seems to get my S6 to work on the USB slot. Have you tried using a USB stick instead of your iPhone? Wonder if that works? I was suppose to try but haven't had the chance to do it yet. However, so far, my bluetooth display seems to be displaying all the right details. Sound wise it's still decent. I have been listening to an audio book while driving lately so the sound quality was never to greatest anyway. 6) Have you had the front collission warning buzzing before? I am not too sure how this kicks in. It has happened a few times when the buzzer in the car will go off as I am driving and the car in front of me slow down to turn into a side road and I slow down a little later. Anyway, overall, I am very happy with the car! It definitely looks better than an average SUV and is alot sportier too than most. I am still getting use to the height of the car though which is still quite different from the coupe.
  10. Yes Tony, but just had a look at my new crossover. It has the AV ports in the center compartment and there is a 12V power socket there too. So I guess just need to find a way to connect the power and I will be OK.
  11. Hey Peter, here is a wreck in Auckland that you might be able to get the windscreen from. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1153533359 Still need to bring it across the ditch but at least should be quicker than getting one all the way from Japan? Hope this helps!
  12. Just got my 2013 Skyline Crossover Type P last week and gotta say, it's been quite good to drive. As compared to the coupe, I think the suspension is softer and the steering wheel is lighter. But apart from this and being seated higher up than the coupe, the car does feel very similar to the coupe. The car arrived in really good nick apart from the little chip on the left wing mirror which will need repair (using black tape to cover it at the moment). A few first impressions of the car:- 1) Car feels refine and the cabin is generally really quiet when the car is moving even when I am on the motorway. Gear change with the 7 speed gearbox feels really smooth too! 2) The car head room is not as bad as some of the reviews I see online esp from youtube. I am 5'8" and I have heaps of headroom both in the front and back eventhough the car has a sunroof installed. 3) There is also heaps of leg room at the back with my seating position at the front. I do notice however if I have my baby's capsule fitted at the back, the front passenger seat will have quite tight leg room (luckily my wife is not a tall person) and it will be abit of a mission to open the glove compartment fully. 4) Boot space seems adequate although the downward curving roofline does eat into quite a bit of space in the boot. However, I don't think I will have any problem with luggage capacity on a daily basis. It is still a significant increase in space compared to the coupe! I do have a few of things which i want to check with you all:- 1) The interface for the head unit is slightly different from the one in my coupe and the translated version on the sticky post. Took me awhile but I finally was able to connect my phone via bluetooth to it and stream music through the unit. I do note that the user interface is different. I will need to use the touch screen or the control dial if I want to say pause the music but I can use the controls on the steering to move between music tracks. This is different to the old interface where I can do everything using the steering remote. Am I missing something? 2) I have been playing with the lane departure warning and prevention system and it was working really well until the weekend when I decided to give the interior a good clean. After that, I notice that both systems seems to have stop working even if I turn them on. Wonder if I had accidentally turn something loose or off. Anyone had similar issue? 3) Occasionally, the GPS in the car will start giving that school nearby warning based on the japanese map it has. Is there any way to turn off the warning? Anyone has tried that? 4) Does your car comes with a spare tire at the back? Mine seems to come with a tub of tire repair gel and a pump. I thought there is a spare tire under the bose subwoofer but don't think there is one. 5) Did you guys manage to get the USB connection in the car to play music from your phone? I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and for some reason I am only able to charge my phone but not play music. There is a message on the display monitor but it's in japanese so I have no idea what it's saying. I have set my phone to play MIDI files through the USB device connected but it still wouldn't work. Anyone have been able to sort this? Thanks in advance for reading this and looking forward to getting some advice from you all. Cheers!
  13. Thanks for the reply Tony! I think I found something on Trademe for the mirroring which the seller might probably do the installation as well. Anyway, had a look at my v36 and it would have had the perfect setup for the mirroring without needing to remove anything at the dash. The japanese owner had this TV box unit sitting in the boot and there are AV ports there that connects to the stereo unit. The TV box also has a power cable for 12V I believe so it would be as simple as replace the box with the mirrorlink device and I will be sorted! Too bad I am changing car....
  14. Hey all, just found this post and is keen to find out more. So Tony, do you still recommend going with Unit A? Just a few questions:- 1) How easy is the installation for someone who haven't taken anything apart in the car? 2) Is it easy to connect the power to the unit through the lighter socket? 3) Can this thing be powered with a USB port or something else? Is there anyway where I don't have to remove the dash to install this? 4) Has anyone tried out mimics? I got in touch with Dave from customGadz and he told me the unit is USD150 but there is no one in NZ that he knows that does the installation. They provide a general installation guide but he did say some technical know-how is required to get the thing working so keen to see if anyone has this or know anyone in Auckland who does the installation. Anyone else has any other easy solutions to get GPS Navigation from a phone to the touchscreen of the car? Thanks guys!
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