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  1. But s1 and s2 33 auto trans should be the same
  2. They are different from 33 to 32 in that the 32 has a cable driven speedo and 33 doesnt
  3. Def drop the old fuel out and refill with fresh petrol and injector cleaner
  4. Its an automatic rb25det neo
  5. Fark! This message came thru a day too late :-(
  6. Could be a few things causing this.. ..if (and only if) it has blown HG then you need to find out why it blew in the first place
  7. They work for me and the way i drive so im happy....they use them on touring cars so there must be something to it
  8. For my 32 the slotted/drilled rotors f&r +pads were under $500 and def stay cooler than stock (no brake fade like before)
  9. Slotted/drilled rotors f&r on my 32 . .have not noticed ANY increased wear on the pads when compared to the previous non slotted/drilled rotors that were on the car for locating a set of rotors... google has always worked for me
  10. You would need epa certification by changing to the tc head....take it for rego with the sohc head and go nuts after its passed
  11. Stick to the stock pulleys....the aftermarket one arent that durable Unless you are replacing a stuffed flywheel id just leave the stock one in place
  12. Kiwi is on to it....a bit of oil in your coolant wont harm anything
  13. ^ correct. .get it machined flat or buy a brand new/lightweight flywheel like i did (available in the states)
  14. Quick question, will a r32 gtr pedal set (brake n clutch) fit in a r32 gtst auto? (Doing conversion)