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  1. I drive a VY2 Commodore ute. The Front brake on my ute are R32 GTR calipers, with PBR Performance pads, with 330mm x 32mm DBA4000 Wiper Slot HSV performance brake (2 pots) replacement rotors with custom made 20mm thick brackets. The pads worked really well. Pros: Worked well cold. Quiet. No brake shudder Couldn't make them fade (hard stops from 200km/h+ were never a problem). After 10,000 kms brake rotors had almost no were (still well over 31mm) Cons: Lots of brake dust Lasted 10,000 kms of street driving before hitting wear indicators. Not always driven hard. $190 pads didnt last long. Would buy them again. Will.
  2. Hey Linton I took my Project Mu brake pads out of my R32 GTR calipers (same as R33 GTST) and put them in my mates WRX no problem at all. I have also had some pads in mine from a R32 GTST. Also Mazda RX7 4 pots the same. They all use the same Sumitomo caliper. They look and mount a bit diffrent but there all the same and all take the same pads. Hope ive helped Will
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