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  1. bargain. Put it up on one of the sim racing facbebook groups/marketplace. It'll sell in no time. it you were in Adelaide i'd be handing you 2 cartons of Coopers Session Ale (because its better!)
  2. no doubt! ? Note - i read this as 'action' not reaction. No i have read it properly it's less funny
  3. For $1600.... if you dont already have it, good quality riding gear. My pants alone were $600 but they are gooooood. The distance between my actual knee and the outer knee puck is massive. Sure makes me feel alot better about riding and the 'what if' factor.
  4. Yep my 02' zx6r (the first of the 636's!!!!) Had the fuel tap... cock. Silly idea. Gd luck with sale. Crazy cheap
  5. Sorry everyone - life got a bit hectic at the start of Feb and this fell off the radar. I'll PM ya'll in order of response.
  6. Any Adelaide local interested in a Nissan Flag? Have had it for a few years in a box - no need for it. Children and mortgage mean i'll never get my old school 2 door 31 dream off the ground. Exactly like this - prob has a few minor marks but its free and big. Can take a pic if needed.
  7. Finally trekked all the way out to Mallala to watch a mate do a sprint event - and it rained for the early part of the day. A track car is definitely on the cards once this house build is over
  8. Chasing some MTB forks to upgrade current ride. Disc brake ready, something better than the standard forks released on Felt q620's
  9. Dont a fkn hate dirty image sensors!!!! I spent a good hour on a nice Hawaii sunset image removing spots from my old DSLR.
  10. wow... i haven't been on here for a long time... Just got home from a touristy drive in north QLD (doing the sht we never did when we lived there ). And yep, kinda got caught up by the cyclone, Townsville copped alot of rain as did most places up the coast, and as usual Ingham flooded and the Bruce was cut. But got back upto Cairns for the flight home on time, just went the long way round via Gregory Development Road. Undara was a relaxing place though we got lucky being near the end of their green (off) season. Also spotted a record fuel price
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