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  1. hi mate interseted in catco cat how old ? and wen will u be in sydney next thanks ?
  2. hey mate is the z32 still up for grabs and wat size and condition is it in ? pm me back im in syd if your interested in shippin if the condition is right thanks mate
  3. hey thanks for the reply guys i am currently lookin into the z32 maf but wat does it need to hook up the the stock maf loom ? and the turbo thing... its got a dual stage runs 6psi low boost and 17 psi high boost it made 189.7 at the treads with stock exhaust yumcha fmic dual stage boost cont and apexi power fc is gunna be retuned in two months with new fmic full 3 inch zorst new coil packs (custom plenum greddy ) hi mount turbo but dunno wat turbo yet any sugestions for size ? and thanks for the ideas and replys guys
  4. hey fellas im new to this site hoping someine expertise can help me about 8 months ago i invested in the well known apexi power fc not knowing that you CANT just remove the stock maf sensor so im in need of advice in which way to go try get a new computer and sell mine or does someone kno something you can do that i dont cause im in the process of modifying i have already done greddy plenum coil packs 3 inchzorst all way through regular stuff but the stock turbo im pushing 17 psi out of it wen its on the road i think its time for an upgrade but this maf is a problem or can anyone give me feedback on a blow by system and response would be super thanks guys
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