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  1. East Bear will be the way to go mate http://www.east-bear.co.jp/shopdetail/003013000003/003/X/page1/recommend/
  2. Hey mate tried to send you a PM but it says you can't receive messages, could you please clear your inbox or shoot me a pm cheers
  3. That first one belonged to a good mate of mine, clean car, built it up over 4ish years. Something popped up and he needed cash quick, simple as that.
  4. Got the following for sale: 10mm Hubcentric (60.1) Wheel Spacers Aluminum, made in Germany, 5x114.3 stud patter and hubcentric 60.1 to perfectly fit Toyota/Lexus. Brand new, never used. $50 Ichiba 40mm Extended Studs 10 x 40mm extended studs, brand new, 12x1.5 for Toyota/Lexus. $40 Spacers and Studs package $80 Reply here or PM if interested. Located in Melbourne, Victoria. Pickup or post within Australia at your additional expense. Cheers
  5. Its an optional nismo front lip. Maybe just keep an eye on the classifieds?
  6. Looking awesome, was talking to Vu the other day, his new S15 is nice. Latest shot of mine:
  7. Got that email too, car isn't anywhere near show worthy though lol
  8. Also interested in where you are buying it from. Few mates have used it to spray wheels/body panels etc., none of em have had anything bad to say about it, works as described.
  9. Do a search, been covered multiple times before. It is possible but will cost you.
  10. Slightly off topic but how much do exhaust places charge to install cat back systems? I'd do it myself but one of the hangers needs to be bent/adjusted for the exhaust to sit level.
  11. ^Lovely wheel choice, what are they?
  12. Dori*mon

    Spotted Thread

    Cheers to the white R33 on Warrigal Rd. today that warned me about the speed camera
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