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  1. funny way for double wishbone or strut suspension to work.....or is that borrowed from a horse and cart?
  2. It seems to me pretty common across the industry to define different models at different price points, even if they have the same engine and motor, but it sounds like you got good value there too....
  3. Let me say I almost never use the park brake on my autos, but that is a very different situation to manual. Auto has a pawl which locks the gearbox. Manual is just using engine compression to hold the car which is not safe depending on the slope or unexpected extra load like another car or a person leaning on it
  4. Hopefully my addition was correct https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2013-infiniti-m35h-gt-premium-auto/SSE-AD-5866331/?Cr=0 Re price, my all up was $33k for a 2013 55,000klm (pretty line ball with that one), so $40k for an Aussie delivered one you can pick up tomorrow sounds fair to me.
  5. Ha! That day may yet be saturday top bellhousing bolts too.
  6. funnily enough (once metricised), that's more than my race car makes.....but anyway
  7. I agree, I wouldn't (don't) bother balancing the rotating assembly except for race use. If you are going to do it you should include everything that turns from balancer to clutch
  8. I can't help with experience about the fitment, but as well as diameter, thickness and number/diameter of centre holes you also need to measure the height of the hat from the disc as this could cause a rotor to be off centre for the caliper
  9. Sorry, I get thoroughly confused by which Inifiniti is which nissan.... I looked briefly at the locally delivered V37 but prices were about twice my budget for less car... I understand why Inifiniti Australia keeps going out of business, nothing wrong with the underlying cars, but going to a lot of trouble to call them something else when there plenty of Nissan FM platform supporters and then charging way more than we can obtain them as imports just does not make sense to me. I haven't driven the Crown but am sure it is also an excellent car. Head to head reviews in the US called the Fuga as being a fair bit quicker but the crown more comfortable.
  10. Yeah I wasn't sure of the data underlying the recommendation, I run the factory hat with no issues with a little over 300kw and an external tank. And thanks Brett, I was confused and thought your pic was a hat for the standard tank, I can see it is the top of a surge tank which makes much more sense.
  11. How do those fuel hats work with the factory fuel inspection cover, I assume it doesn't fit and you need to run surge tank/pumps in the boot, and then somehow seal the boot to cabin for vapour? The system in my car is not megadonwhatever spec, I just run -6 lines from the standard hat with a lift pump in the standard cradle, to an external surge tank with external pump under the rear seat floor which means all fuel stays out of the cabin.
  12. Reading back, that post seems a bit negative. Actually, the car is excellent, it's just that when you have a million cutting edge features (for it's age), some aren't perfect. Overall I am very happy with it. So far it is doing about the same in fuel usage as the 4.5l cima, 9.1l/100. Hybrid doesn't seem to help much (or at all) on the freeway where I do most of my driving. If I had my choice I would have the 4wd v8 but that is US only (steering wheel on wrong side) Only a few mods coming up at first, mostly for day to day convenience since I use the car heaps for business trips: LED interior and exterior lighting Deep cycle battery to minimise those annoying "I haven't driven the car for a fortnight and now it won't start" morning Phone holder/charger etc 4g booster and wifi Big light bar to see skippy Larger diameter tyres with a little more grip (came with sucky eco tyres) Power for fridge in the boot
  13. First impressions? Well, it does good skids for an auto. Runs a VQ35HR engine + 50kw electric motor for about 280kw all up (compared to 240kw that my 5.6l v8 titan does....but still pretty slow compared to the Stagea :)) Ride is much firmer than the Cima, but it is still excellent, better controlled but still comfortable. It is quiet inside, seats firmer than the cima but still good. Driving position is a bit wierd at first as the steering wheel comes out of the dash quite high and vertical, particularly when you have the seat low for tall drivers not to hit the roof, but it is fine after a while. Has all of the interior tricks you'd expect from Nissan's top car like the 2 way electric steering wheel, easy exit (wheel and seat move back), power everything, auto headlights/wipers etc. Annoyances: Cruise control tops out at 107 (indicated 114) on the factory tyres. Cima had the same issue and it annoys me. I'll put 5% larger tyres on to fix this Lane departure warning is mega annoying (this may apply to all of them, I don't know, have never used it in another car). While weaving over the highway reading my facebook news, it grabs the opposite side brakes and pulls you back into the lane. I prefer meandering Sonar cruise control is also annoying. Even on the closest setting it leaves about 100m when it starts slowing. If you pull out from behind a car that far back, some tradie in a ranger raptor is sure to fly up the inside and around you. Hopefully I can turn the sonar bit off. To be fair, it works right down to 0 in town which combined with the hybrid makes driving in traffic a different experience The boot is small (compared to the cima which was a 2 body boot) as the hybrid batteries are under the rear parcel shelf The av menus are mega complex and it is hard to use google translate from your phone on them while driving. This time I'll get the english translation I think, considering the value of the car. Despite having option footwell lighting, the interior lights are poor. LEDs on the way which will fix that. Good things; The hybrid system works well in town, and the transition to engine is seamless (well, you can hear the engine, but the changeover is smooth). Responsive throttle (in sports mode) and plenty of power for a factory car. Well suspended for a big cruiser, it is not afraid of corners like the Cima was....very impressive suspension tune Of course, interior is excellent and rattle free. Very quiet with lots of insulation and thick glass, and it has active exterior noise cancelling Air con system is...well wierd....it includes "forest" mode that varies the vents and speed of fans to give that "walking through a forest feeling". Also includes automatic "aroma" dispenser (mine is happily well empty), ion generator, humidity control and external exhaust gas sensor to switch from external air to recirc automatically. Heated and cooled seats. No big deal these days but unusual in 2013 and work well. Heated seats seem so unnecessary until you have to get into a car at below 0 and wait for the heater to work... Speaking of heater, there are no engine ancillaries (probably all hybrids have to work this way). Power steer, aircon, alternator etc are all electric so they work seamlessly switching between engine and motor. Happily it still has a harmonic balancer with belt drive ready for the upcoming supercharger. As well as a reversing camera, it has a camera in the passenger mirror facing forward that you can pull up when parking. Useful, but a rear facing, same function, would be even better It has auto lighting when you approach the car at night (with key in pocket). Nice in a paddock on a cloudy, moonless night There is a factory option drive recorder installed, which records to SD and plays through the nav system. I guess I can find out how those dock workers treated the car.... Finally, for the driver too lazy to do everything, the seatbelt auto retracts. Love to know how long that will work, and what happens when it doesn't.
  14. Well, I had a thread before I bought asking if anyone on here had a Fuga Hybrid, looks like not. It's not really what I would have gone for but was the best compromise under the new import rules I could find from nissan to replace my highway cruisy Cima which has given me 300,000 happy wafting klm. I took the plunge anyway and bought this car in September for $1.54M yen, auction rating 4.5B. It took about 3 months to find one in white, with a sunroof, in good condition. Had 55,000klm (matches last dereg certificate) and was brokered by Geoff at Prestige Motorsport who did a great job. Final cost on road in Aus was just under $33k which is a lot considering the Cima was about $10k when I got it, but obviously awesome value compared to what you can get locally for $33k (Mazda CX-30 anyone?)
  15. They are basically a pair of electrically powered hydraulic platforms. You can run them either along or across the car. I run them under the sills as that doesn't block anything you really need to get to. It is clear under the middle, but note that to get under the car you need to go from front or rear because the jacks are in the way... They lift the car about 500mm off the ground so it is higher and more stable than a jack and stands. And once they are in place, much quicker to raise or lower. However, I got the 12v 3t (BL-7000SLX) set and they are mega heavy to move around. Assuming they are stored away, you need to drag them to the car once it is in place, then drag them across the floor until they are even front to back and side to side under the sills. Then hook up 12v source and the hydraulic lines, put rubber blocks under the jack points and you are ready to go. I haven't weighed them individually but the website says 110kg for the 2 platforms + motor (even the 1500kg ones are listed at 82kg) Considering the cost and the fact you are still lying on the ground, I wouldn't buy them unless you are regularly working on cars, and you don't have space for a hoist. A hoist is about the same price and way more versatile.
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