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  1. were abouts are you located really interested lemme know asap
  2. were abouts in lverpool wana organise for day to come see it let me knw
  3. buddy u selling the shell alone by any chance if yes?? how much??
  4. could u post up the pic for the middle ac vent please?? and paste the pic for the shell so we can give u an offer asap thanks
  5. tried the dismantlers too cudn't find it hard out that is freaking stuffed up shit i got defected for my rexy before for that same thing and plus my subs not bolted down i was lyk wat a prik well as for this i was luky enuf to only cop 80buks fine no points
  6. hi could you please post up the pic for the stock box
  7. hey which area are u from? is there any amp with the subs
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