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  1. yep. tonnes of them were manual, i also had a factory manual gts coupe some years ago.
  2. Hey Jae. Did you get anywhere with this? I'm also located in chch, happy to throw my scan tool on it and have a look if you want
  3. http://www.nzta.govt.nz/vehicles/importing-a-vehicle/
  4. 26yo male.. last time i asked for a quote from nac was last nov/dec for: R32 gts-t coupe rb25 turbo. manual usual mods. h/d clutch, r33 gearbox, link computer, coilovers, full 3.5" exhaust, t3/t04 turbo (garrett) sound setup value arond $2000 car covered for maximum $10k was going to cost $1200. so i parked it up instead..
  5. sorry to hijack thread a little but do you guys know the deal with adjusting the damping? apparently they are 16-stage adjustable but on mine the nut goes around 28 clicks.. is this normal? on tein ss btw. R32 2wd
  6. Spurdo

    random shite

    just random stuff to link to
  7. gearbox doesn't need to come out. nor should you need to drain the oil first. at least i didn't with mine. i've heard of other situations where people pulled the shaft out and get a nice sticky shower, probably on other vehicles.
  8. just undo the bung on the side of the gearbox (with the car level of course). stick your finger in the hole, there should be oil right up to the hole, but no more. if you have to shove your whole finger in there and reach down to find it, then it needs a top up. i had the same issue recently. the seal itself is cheap and easy to replace, but the exhaust and drive shaft need to come out to do it.
  9. pretty sure most people get all the parts to match the engine i.e have all S2 engine, coils, harness, ecu = no problems. dont know for sure whether s1 ecu works with s2. why didn't u look into this beforehand and just gone with the tried and true methods?
  10. yeah that or a lot of people (including myself) use bcpr6es. im not the fountain of knowledge on what heat range is better, depends on usage i guess. and as with any modified engine, just stick with coppers. platinums etc are a waste of money because modified engines chew through plugs regardless what type they are so you might as well buy the cheapies.
  11. +1 screamers are for shitkunce. dont be a shitkunt
  12. there is one just like this sitting at my dads workshop, i think it's even the same year. i've often thought about buying it. he's reconditioned it for the owner a while ago so i know its in good shape mechanically, but the guy's health hasnt been the greatest so he's not likely to ride it again.. dad seems to think i could probably buy it for around $1500 would this be a good thing? only thing wrong with it is its missing the front/side fairings
  13. yup the slushbox would add a second to the time easy. dont forget you've lost a whole gear ratio, meaning the auto's ratios are longer to compensate. have you even driven a manual? theres a lot of people on here (including myself) who happily daily their manual skylines. just dont put a hell aggressive clutch in it.
  14. yeah mine takes not long at all really. driving at suburban speeds maybe about 2mins and its up to temp or if i start it up and jump straight onto the open road (100kph) it comes up real quick yeah maybe 60 seconds
  15. yeah the bcpr6es is probably one of the most popular with rb's, if not the most popular. general consensus is usually that platinums are a complete waste of money, especially on tuned engines which will chew out plugs regardless what type they are.
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