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  1. Just thought I'd say hi again after being away for so many years and see what's new....after trying to figure out my old user name and then passwords lol will have to come to the next meeting new say hi
  2. hey there all, just lookin for a r32 in melbourne, spending 6K maybe 8K if something i realllly like must be manual oh and turbo! cheers all
  3. yeah it broke on the weld from what it looked like, the rubber mounts seem to be attached (i think it broke cause of her women drivingness haha) ill have alook at the mounts again cause it wobbles
  4. yeah completely came off its only on the car because of it being attached to the car lol
  5. okkkkay so my girlfriends car (and mine) a nissan pulsar Q has just got a problem it was pretty crazy to see it but the last muffler has uhh broken? from the end closest to the engine can i get it welded back up or do i need a hole new exhaust tip welded on, i mean the car sounds way louder obviously for the junk it is haha can anyone tell me where to go or what cheers
  6. oh and how can i set it up right i understand to do it manually but dont know what numbers im meant to put it exactly and as for my skill its great lol its my hit detection i get like 20 hit markers and no death
  7. hmm yeah im so gutted about my friggin upload speed im happy as with my dl i would even be happy to loose half of it to get my upload up to 1 mb lol clutch ANYWAY i can increase this would be helpful could you PM solutions?
  8. http://www.speedtest.net/result/1149618805.png i could of done it before but it was all f**ked up said i had no ping even so i waited till it finished
  9. hey all ok so i wanna increase my upload speed if possible for use on my xbox ive got a good download speed last time i checked but my upload was just shit and well it doesnts help my gaming lol and with a better upload i know my bullets in say cod will register alot more then it is now (f**kin shocking) can anyone help ill post up my speeds when im on tomorrow (computer is updating at the moment )
  10. damn right they do and im xbox, love getting shit first even knowing its shit as shittttttt
  11. that new patch has helped out a bit but still a shockingly f**ked game lol
  12. i dissagree when i host which is a good 90 % of the time i get ripped off , shot around corners people lagging i cant kill, it takes me a average of 19 bullets to kill 1 person out of any gun, m16 g11 ak74u all take me the same with at least at 15 hit markers so im not missing, its shit, with harden i cant even get the aug to shoot through a door when im hosting, but some bitch with a m1911 can kill me 2 shots through the same door its bull shit, if im not host i tear up its a good 6 shots to kill anyone but if i host i might was well shut my eyes and run in circles shooting ill do more damage its f**ked they need to fix the servers and hit detection
  13. if anyone wants to jam on xbox B ops add me - True TJ its shit playing alone all i do is seem to rage after 2 or so games so much camping and shit hit detection lol
  14. went to power road, a R34 lovers dream there was like ...ohhh black...silver ...white....eletric blue 4 doors yay....saw the silver ... turbo manual 4 door sweet..in the corner i see a white 34 4 door with gauges on dash so i run over.....and its auto...damn it lol
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