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  1. I’m having backfire issues on closed throttle, more severe under 2500 rpm just had a Haltech ecu upgrade including wide band, with new high flow cat and exhaust system from straight pipe. Was also Dyno tuned at what I thought was a reputable tuner in NSW. Seems they were happy to take large amounts of money but are saying there’s nothing they can do now. Never backfired before taking it to tuner. Where is a decent mechanic for the GTR in Sydney?
  2. Would like a pair of seats out of a r34 gtr for my r33 gtst. Please any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Shane.
  3. Could you please help me, I live in Ashfield and I want to know where the skylines go for there service... There has to be some one. Look forward to your posts.. cheers. Shane.
  4. Skyline fans, Could you please help me with a good mechanic tune shop, need a service for my R33 gts. Live in Ashfield NSW. Its my first Skyline there is no turning back. I brought the car with all books and service history except no reciept for last service, so no proof. Its due for oil but im thinking timing belt kit through it. It has 137k on the clock. Your help is needed cause its not going to just any mechanic. cheers
  5. Its what I did to my R33 cause it had the worst yellow fever lens's. Wet and dry 1000,1200,1500,2000 grit, used as suggested. Sanding horizotially and dropping through the grits till I hit 2000, plenty of water and the yellow fell off before my eyes... Then I used Kitten liquid cut and polish polishing in small circles. My lights look farking awesome again. thanks to the thread from here. Love this site
  6. My first drive of my mates SKYLINE R33 there is no other...I was hooked went and brought one next day.. And I test drove the latest EVO 10 alot of technology that would make any one look good. Nothing compares to the awesome skyline.
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