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  1. Hi Guys, ​Forgive me my netiquettes if I am have made a mistake in posting this query here but I am out of my depths here. Car: GTR R33 VSpec Year 1995 I am facing this intermittent (some times more frequent then other times) where my skyline stutters specially when I am trying to rev it. It does not matter if its a cold start or a running car. Also does not matter if its high revs or low revs. I have even had it happen to me when I start the car and left it to idle. It seems to be happening more often now. Me being a newbie took it to the mechanics and they thought it was the spark plugs. Got them changed , same evening ran fine for a while and then started happening again. From my other readings, there could be a few culprits here. I would appreciate any advice and also if some of them could be ruled out by me[not a qualified or even unqualified mechanic, I mean visual inspection] Also if someone could be indicative of what it costs to replace each of these. I am working on a budget here. 1. MAS Sensor : Price? Is it a possibility 2. Coil Pack : Price? [not spitfires please] Is it a possibility 3. Anything related to the Turbo : Possible? seems to happen on low revs as well....?? 4. Spark plugs : Even though changed...did not go for top of the lines? Also I do not want to take it to a mechanic only to spend a few hundred bucks to come back home to the same issue. Please help. Regards
  2. Hi Guys, I have finally made my purchase and am absolutely ecstatic. Thanks a lot guys for your help. I am now a proud owner of a R33 GTR V-SPec.
  3. Hi Jay-Z, I have found a car that interests me. It is a GTR V-Spec R33...very clean...not many mods done...95 model....done around 107000, only one year old in Australia, single australian owner. How much would you roughly think it would be for. A quick response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you everyone. I will definitely take all your advice on-board. I am in Brisbane and would not mind someone contacting me if they have a well kept car. I will goo through the thread sent by JZee....thanx once again
  5. Hi All, I have always wanted to own one of these dream machines, and I have finally decided to take the plunge. Could someone tell me some good pointers or questions to ask . I have two cars that sort of interest me. One is a 94 - R33 GTRVSpec and the other is a 95GTRVSpec. The 94 car has a Fully Rebuilt Engine Including Forged Pistons and New Turbos. Done around 78000Kms. Is it true that because skylines get thrashed, that the sump runs dry causing the engines to cork up? Also is a rebuilt engine neccessarily a bad thing??. This car has had multiple owners in Australia. Imported in 2003 The other car has done 100000+ kms and acording to the owner was imported last year . I will get that checked. The guy hardly drives it 50 kms/week. It is clean and has never had anything done to it. What would you guys do. I am really excited and cant wait to hear your opinions. Thanks in advance guys Shiv
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