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  1. Hi looking for dr30 parts Factory intercooler and piping Factory turbo and exhaust manifold Oem steering wheel
  2. Anyone know the required sizes / offset to fit flush on dr 30 with no flares?
  3. Hi, can anyone shed some light on the handling of the autech 260rs compared with the r33gtr. Having owned a stagea previously (rs4) , the handling was not impressive at all. Have they significantly improved it in the 260rs, i am aware of the Additional weight in the stagea compared to GTR
  4. R32 Lower Control Arm dimensions Hey Does anyone have the actual size of the r32 front lower control arm from pick up to pick up i.e 350mm? Can't seem to find this info anywhere.
  5. Worked a treat - the car is a S15 Subframed Datsun Z so OEM rotor size was 280mm - The 325mm rotors fit mint under the 17s with the GKTech caliper adaptors.
  6. 17" R34 GTT Brake Clearance Need some help on wheel / brake clearance. Do the factory r34 GTT wheels 17" fit or accomodate the larger 325mm brake rotor upgrade. GTR rotors using GTT calipers?
  7. What about changing diff ratio to 4.11 is there a crown and pinion that is interchangeable?
  8. Thanks for the reply, its for a s15 subframe swapped datsun 240z with rb26 and rb25 tranny. Currently running the std s15 diff and was looking for something a little stronger
  9. Just wondering if anyone has ever put an r34 gtr diff gear set into a s15 diff housing? Keeping the factory s15 drive shafts?
  10. Hi I have a brand new unused twin scroll t4 EFR 0.92 rear housing available from my 7670. The rear housing is factory internally gated and a work of art. looking to change to external gate housing so figured I would see if there is any interest in the rear housing. Specs per link below - Located in Perth please pm me. http://www.full-race.com/store/turbos/borgwarner-efr/borgwarner-efr-8374-turbo.html
  11. Looking to sell my RB26 factory turbo set up complete with manifold, turbos, piping, all lines and factory dump pipes. - complete hot side. Engine no RB 26 67283a - From what I can tell its R33 GTR Located in Perth - $850 0421 425 44two
  12. Hi Considering going to a responsive single set up for my rb26 Datsun z project. As such I am putting up my brand new in box Garrett 2859-9s (gt-ss) equivalent. Great bolt on responsive upgrade. -$1900 Ono I also have a complete hot side set up from r33 rb26 including turbos manifold dump lines etc that I may consider selling. Will consider trades for a responsive single set up. Located in Perth please text for more info 0421 425 44two. Hayden
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