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  1. Am I correct in thinking that the non-Bose HU are non-amplified? - everything on here seems to say they are not amplified, but want to check.
  2. Can anyone help out with the yellow wire question? Quick update: I've fixed the cut speaker wiring, got my ISO harness and connected the new HU. Good news, it powers on. Bad news - NO SOUND!!!! Not even any static. I've searched SAU some posts mention a factory amp and convertor. Would this apply to the PM35 I have with a non-bose HU? Also, where would the factory amp be located? I've checked passenger side rear arch and its empy. Thanks!
  3. So I think I've figured out the stereo wiring from searching on the forum for a few hours. I have question about the really thick yellow wire. This disappears somewhere behind the glovebox it was running along the passenger side of the car but not connected to anything. - Is that an OEM wire? Another Question - I have a factory reverse camera on the trunk. Should there be an independant wire from this to OEM HU?
  4. Ok, took a while but I've stripped out all the non-oe wiring (I think). I found these two things under the passenger seat carpet. Am I safe to assume that these are not from factory. Etiher way there gone now anyway. This is what I've found so far under the steering wheel. Anyone know what the white and brown connectors are? and where they connect to? I'm assuming the whatevers happend to the wires being spliced into them is not normal.
  5. Heres an idea of all the f*ucked up wiring I'm pulling from the car. Good news is outside of the wiring and a weak tailgate struts the car is solid and everything else seems to be working.
  6. Hi All, The Stags finally on the road after weeks waiting on the UK drivign agency to send me the registration. Now I need some help with identifying the harness behind the stereo and also getting the correct ISO harness so I can hook up an android head unit. I have picked up a ISO harness based on the info on the forum but its not correct and won't any of these connectors. The wiring in the car is a total mess with what looks like to be various attempts to install aftermarket ICE. FYI - the stereo it came with was the mini disc player and 6 disc cd player/radio. There was no factory option screen/tv but there is a factory reverse camera on the trunk. No idea where the feed for that is! Here are some pics of the harnesses. Thanks
  7. Hey All, Been a while since I've posted on here. I'm still in the Skyline game but the 32 GTR hardly gets driven, especially with the shitty weather we have over here in the UK. Anyway, Impulse buy with all this covid lockdown malarky going on over here and I ended up picking up a 2007 Autech Axis PM35. Now I need to get shot of my my current 2.5 Subaru Legacy wagon. The Legacy has been great, but so boring to drive! Not the best pics, buts its all I have for the moment. I expect the car to land in the next 3-4 months (could be 5 with the covid stuff going on), but not too worried about all that. A couple of things wrong with the car are Air bag light and Power Windows not working (not sure if this is all of them or just 1/2). SAU has been a great help with this as usual and I've researched most of what I need to do to resolve these once I get hold of it. One thing I do want to ask out is switiching out the centre console trim to a double din one. Prefarably an OE one, which I know I need to scour Yahoo auctions for, but wondered if anyone on here might have one lying around and was willing to ship it across to the UK? One of these is what I'm looking for. Thanks Shak
  8. Hi I'm looking for Nissan OEM side skirts for my sedan. Regards Shaks
  9. Happy New year to everyone! I'm looking for some OEM side skirts for my ER34. Anyone here selling any or know where I could ge tthem from? Thanks Shaks
  10. Hey All, Need some info. I've decided against putting an OEM kit on my car. Google is to blame for that! Instead I've decided to go down the East Bear masterpiece route. What I would like is the full kit with the new style front bumper. Like this However, I don't fancy paying the £2,500 it will cost me for a genuine EB kit. So as alternative option I thought maybe the Uras Type R What I wanted to know was if anyone had any experience with a genuine Uras kit and what the fit is like? I know that the EB kits are very very good but not sure about the Uras ones. Also I;m actually not too keen on the bonnet lip. Do you think it woudl look odd if I left it off? Thanks Shaks
  11. You might want to try Boost Junkies from the UK. They do all sorts of pipes for Skylines and I'm sure they'll be happy to ship to the UK. http://www.boostjunkies.co.uk/ I just ordered a full set of silicon breather hoses for 130GBP or 190AUD. Like the ones in this picture http://www.skylineowners.com/forum/showthread.php?t=159641
  12. Hey All, I need some help with a knocking noise coming from the power steering pump/belt. I had the cam belt and tensioners changed a couple of weeks ago and on the way home the power steering belt slipped and half came off the pulley. A new belt arrived this week and I replaced the belt. Drove the car to work the next day and all fine. The next morning trying to get out of the drive was a a mission. The steering was jerky, especially when reversing. Driving to work everything seemed fine but again when parking it felt jerky and a little heavy. Didn't take the car to work today and when I got home I checked the belt, which felt a little loose. So this was removed and then tightened up again. I checked the fluid level which was ok. On starting the engine it made a loud knocking noise. Re-adjusted the belt and bled the system, incase of an airlock and the noise is still there. There are also no signs of a leak. Any ideas on wha the problem could be or what I should to fix this?
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