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  1. quick search brought up this. trg-re5ro5a-HD2 shift kit
  2. Two simple mods that should be done already. Break cut mod. Stops ecu from killing power off line. Shift kit for trans. Livens them up a bit.
  3. Tell them the price son... tell them the price.
  4. Started extricating the stagea from the garage today. planning to get it back on the road. just need to fit the cupboard full of parts i have for it.
  5. video would help XD ether way good luck in hunting it down.
  6. the sound that its making.... is it like a louder whiring noise around when boost should start coming on? Have you had your turbo replaced or highflowed yet? or is it a stock turbo? also also how many KM you done? as the stock turbo gives out and makes a bad noise. from memory this is the sound it makes.
  7. @WAGON_BOY if the fronts still available i will grab both. i will PM you.
  8. the after market ones arnt as good as OEM, but much cheaper. just google his name he has a shop in queensland. just give him a call.
  9. yeah its a common problem. you need a control unit for it. I believe chris rogers is the man for it. I got factory double din unit that fixed it from memory. was 3-4 years ago when I fixed mine.
  10. no problem. theres only 4x14mm bolts holding seat in. under the seat there is a yellow plug ( theres only 1) unplug and wire a 2.2 ohm resistor in ( theres only 2 contacts so you cant f&% it up) personally I disconnected the battery and waited a little. I'm afraid of setting the ram off. also I tested before bolting the seat back down. otherwise its stupid easy.
  11. i just did mine today. its a 2.2 ohm resister. light is gone. they cost under a dollar from jaycar.
  12. anyone know if the m35 shares CV's with any other car? 2-3 years ago I had torn boot and fixed it. now its happened again and they got plenty of play in them. would make it easier if they were shared with another make..
  13. i think he is refering to the actual optioned aero selection bumper with foglights in it?
  14. spotted two stagea's the other day. one with a carry rack! they just keep poping up.
  15. whitestag


    spotted digital stageas
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