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  1. Nismo wheel nuts Hey i found these lying around they are brand new and the "short type" they are brand new $150 Will post at cost otherwise located melbourne south eastern suburbs
  2. you could get a Cat back with a added mid muffler and a high quality end muffler. i like magnaflow ones but everyone is different. would stick with 2.5" don't expect any gains tho.
  3. Oem fuel filter for skylines $20 Hks turbo timer hasnt been used $20 Rays(fake) wheel nuts its missing one tho $20 Can post at your expense if needed located melbourne Throw an offer if you think price is unfair
  4. No worries That was quick hope it works out well for him also if you dont mind could you pm me the price he picked it up for?
  5. theres a white one on carsales popped up yesterday but its down in here in melbourne tho not much information about it
  6. Pm me will get the part number for you Or other option call nissan but they will be expensive.
  7. Iv had a look wiring is abit messy so i thought easiest way would be get another set with everything like you said Nothing really wrong with it just want to clean it up, around the engine bay eg not having wires hanging around
  8. Yeah xenon my bad was abit late... headlights have the xenon on them but aftermarket wiring i was thinking of just buying another set of headlights and replacing them?
  9. Hey iv got a r34 gtt i have a question about exnons so it has "aftermarket ballast" for the exnons,so they have been cut and then someone someone has put the ballast in. my question is can put factory exnons in and will be is be plug and play? And get rid off all the aftermarket bits? Assuming nothing is to hacked up Thanks Ps have searched the threads no real answer tho or maybe im not searching the right words....
  10. +1 traction tyres great bunch
  12. Dixcel make them went to have a look for the part No. but boxed must have been thrown out sorry give them a call and see if they have them
  13. Im pretty sure fronts are RDA7914
  14. yep all sorted swapped out for a walbro, sound seems to be there but ever to faintly thanks guys