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  1. Still getting people inboxing/PM'ing me with questions about reliability. Unopened NA eninge has now had a turbo for 5+ years and 100,000kms. ~240rwkw for 2+ years on 16 psi. 8k limiter. 0 issues. So long as your supporting mods, tune and maintenance are up to scratch, and the engine is healthy initially you shouldn't have issues.
  2. Photos now added. ONE injector and collar/seals were removed from packaging for photo only, all items are still as new condition. ONE injector fitted to standard RB25 rail, next to stock Nissan A46-F32 item Paperwork Paperwork with injector part number 63560, 540cc suit RB/SR Components laid out Box with part number 63826
  3. Mine doesn't have the factory foglights, have got all the parts bar the switch, so if I can get a stalk at a reasonable price i'd like to keep it all factory looking.
  4. As title states. Want to buy an indicator stalk with fog switch suit R33 S1. MUST be series 1 MUST be black (as i've found a few that are a grey colour and mine are black) Cheers
  5. They're a bit hit and miss/buggy etc but if you get a good one and a tuner who is happy to work with it they're good.
  6. Now 240+ rwkw on 16psi, 10:1 compression, .8mm plug gap, 180cc water meth, coils are nearly 3 years and at least 50,000 kms old and i've had 0 problems, still.
  7. 14 months on still functioning 100% and i've had no problems with any steering components.
  8. RB30 injectors are top feed with hose-tails, RB25 injectors (these items) are side feed, so no they won't fit to my knowledge?
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