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  1. You can usually get the Kenwood DDX4033BT for about $500. It has front USB only. 6.1 screen, so it is slot load. They tend to sit more flush than the 7 inch screens. The DDX4033BT works well with the Android Phones, and I like the GUI. (BTW I sell Kenwood so I am only a little biased towards them ;-) )
  2. Buy one of these 12Volt testers and you will be able to work out which wire is permanant 12V and accessories in 2 seconds http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=TD2049 Simon
  3. Ministry of Bass is having a Car Audio Test and Tune and 20% off Sale on the 7th of June 2012 Bring Your Car down and we will test your DB level for free. Let us show you how to get the most out of your car audio. All levels of stereo welcome Supported by Vibe Audio When: 7th June Start: 5pm Finish:9pm Where: 1205 South Road St Marys
  4. Hi Daniel What brand of alarm do you have? Is there a switch on the back of the siren for the sound on and off. Simon
  5. Hi Looking through the description on the Jaycar website, they say to use either gel or spray contact cement. I have never used this product before but have used Dynamat many many times. The important thing to remember is it is only going to be as good as the glue that you use, so use a good quality glue. My advice would be that glue will stick to one side better than the other so stick to that side. Or if all else fails give your Local Jaycar a ring and ask them for their advice on the which glue and which side to stick. Simon
  6. Hey everyone Just a quick reminder that Extreme Auto Expo is coming up on the 5th and 6th of November at Wayville showgrounds. As part of the outdoor show and shine on sunday the 6th there will be a DB Drag Comp. We have our own area set up under the Ferris wheel for DB Drag. Entry for the outdoor show and shine is $40 For that price you get entry to the sound comp as well as two tickets for the Extreme Auto Expo event. So if anyone has a loud audio system and they want to show it off this is the competition for you. I have attached a copy of the entry for for those that are interested. Simon 1 EAE ENTRY FORM FLYER.pdf
  7. I will do a shameless plug and say that we stock Blaupunkt and will have the New York in stock very shortly. With Australian maps For a unit with NAV it is great value. You are right about the Clarion, I could not find it anywhere?? Send me a PM if you would like more info Simon
  8. Hi Not sure why you would want to wire an actuator in to the factory system. When fitting an immobiliser/alarm we normally just fit an actuator to the drivers door and have the new alarm drive it. This will then open all the doors for you. I hope this helps Simon
  9. Hi Pretty sure that the R34 uses the later harness Nissan Harness Its been a while but I am sure that you are going to need the diversity antenaa adaptor as well. Nissan Antenna And the kenwood harness Kenwood You should be good with those three parts Regards Simon
  10. Welcome to SAU What state do you live in? Any car audio shop should have no trouble installing the new cd player for you. Simon
  11. Dave074 What you have done is looking good. It is not overkill; I have done way more deadening on our 33 than you did. I would highly recommend removing the oval shape panel behind the back seat, there is a huge difference to the amount of sound that you can get out of the boot :-) I have seen a few people mount 6x9’s in the back but remember do not cut the rear panel. Also if you are going to mount the subs in the boot give the 6x9’s a miss. A set of 6 inch will be more than enough for rear fill. 90% of the time I do not have rear speakers in at all, now that I have to get the baby seat in the back they are pretty much only in at shows. Anyway keep up the good work Simon
  12. Hi When you say that it blew instantly, was it the instant you applied power of when you turned it up?? We have fuses that size in stock, and if you are a member of SAUSA you get a discount Come and see us we are open 7 days Simon Ministry of Bass 1205 South Road St Marys
  13. Looking good well done Simon
  14. Hi Always put the best speakers in the front. With the 5 ch amp you can run fronts/rear/sub off that amp. So my opinion is put the splits in the front, the two ways in the rear and run all of it including the sub from the amp. I hope this helps Simon
  15. Sounds to me like the gain is too high What is the brand/model of RCA Adaptor? If the RCA converter has adjustable gain, turn the gain down. The Cheap RCA converters are not the easiest things to make sound good. Also before trying one of your mate’s good subs in your car and possibly damaging it. I would be trying your sub in someone else working setups. Just a thought…….
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