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  1. I touched one of mine up fairly badly a few years ago. Dropped it into Moorooka Nissan and they got it fixed for me for about $240. Can't tell the difference. Try your Nissan dealer. As for Shipstones pfft. I slipped while polishing the car one evening and put a tiny dent in the bonnet they wanted to remove, repair and respray ($2200). Found a good dent remover and he had it out in less than an hour for $150.
  2. +1 for Gavin Woods. He does all the work on my R32 and he's been excellent over the years. I haven't done anything with the R35 yet so I haven't had it down there.
  3. Very sad. That's a significant impact. Take care all.
  4. Yes there is also a Mega Factories on the LFA. Once again a rehash of old discovery channel footage.
  5. A lot of the footage and facts were taken from the Discovery GTR Story. Not sure if Nissan still do it but after I received my car about a week later I got sent a book on the GTR and the Discovery GTR Story on DVD. I was a little surprised. Did anyone else ask for the build documentation and stickers when they received their car. Moorooka Nissan put it in a nice little book for me.
  6. On there web site there is a link to their online shop which then takes you to a manufactures page. Select Nissan then follow the bouncing ball. The only map I could find listed was Europe. I'd suggest sending them an email and asking how you can buy the Australian map.
  7. I also have this as well but have not noticed the light flashing. Nissan told me they had looked at it and there was nothing out of the usual. Do you get it in both auto and manual modes?
  8. Who mentioned Porsche.. I did!! A GT3RS.. If you had any idea about cars you'd wet your pants if you got to see one in real life. Engineering perfection at it's best. The GTR is a Supercar and it does get a lot of attention. Ohh I drove one once and it did nothing for my sex life. Perhaps because you're a tool. Look at the thread.. Joker!!!
  9. Do you own an R35? I can't drive anywhere without attracting attention. On a short trip from the Gold Coast to Brisbane on the M1 I'll get at least 5 photo's taken of the car. A few months ago I parked it in Brisbane Cafe suburb behind a GT3RS only to return to find a group of six people standing around my car having a look at it. I pointed out the GT3 to them and the response was "Yeah the Porsche, you see heaps of them." The R35 is still unique. Tip: If you want to me anonymous then don't buy an R35.
  10. WOW. That sounds awesome. Great job guys. Can't wait to see this on the track.
  11. This is going to be an insane build Mark. Those heads look so much "smoother" after the work. Can't wait to see this beast in action.
  12. When I put mine in for a 5K service they said there was no point until the next service. It's really expensive stuff too at around $1200.
  13. No Way... That is now insane!! Ehh makes me feel bad on the inside :-( Wow Mark that is a big commitment. Can't you just approach Nissan and buy a GT1 car.. Must be cheaper..?
  14. Ended up costing $110. Took him about 30 minutes but was well worth it. I think that Shipstones wanted to remove it etc because it was on the drivers side crease line in the bonnet. When he was doing it he commented that alloy is a lot harder to work with as it doesn't want to "spring" back like steel does. Also being on the crease line he started there first then worked around it. Good to watch.
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