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  1. Ok cool, thanks again. One more question - stainless worth it? My car already has 67,000kms...wondering if I might as well save some coin.
  2. Thanks for that, though the page indicates that the 'cat back' starts where this piece finishes?
  3. I think so, it is a y shaped pipe that would sit under the driver? It got caught on an upraised bit in a car park, and ripped my system back about 4 inches. The y-pipe sort of crumpled! The price of having a lowered car (and not paying attention for a second).
  4. Does a cat back system cover the y-pipe bit?
  5. Obviously depends on brand etc, but how expensive is the latter exercise?
  6. Oh, and I did ask Infiniti, but they would need to import the part, and it alone would be approximately $1400.
  7. hi, does anyone know who in Sydney sells the above? Mine was damaged.
  8. AM interested in the coilovers and the 2nd hand y pipe etc. Would you take $1100 for both, shipped to Sydney?
  9. Because it is common for the kms to be adjusted so that they appear to have travelled less kms than is actually the case. Do a news search on google, several car yards have been raided in recent months due to this issue.
  10. Is that a cheaper option than just switching to non-sports suspension?
  11. I have of late been hearing various noises in my v36 coupe which seem to be related to the shocks. When I go over big bumps (as are common on Sydney roads) I hear a rattle. I now also have what sounds like a worn out mattress sound that is annoyingly common, and occurs over nearly every little flex of the suspension. I left the car with my mechanic, who despite looking quite carefully, was unable to locate any obvious source of the problem. I have an adjustable coilover sports suspension set, that my mechanic says has no branding on it whatsoever (and thus likely a very cheap make - it is what the car came with). Wasn't expecting this issue on a car with 68000kms (legitimate)...is my only option to replace the whole lot (shocks/springs etc)? Is this a common v36 issue?
  12. I have read the FAQ and didn't see this addressed, but why cant the maps be updated with a simple software update/new cd?
  13. I may have this issue with my front suspension. When you say 'compression rod bushes', are these on the struts?
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