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  1. Hi, to all Australia Victoria police. WHY YOU ONLY PICK ON US Japs import???? just because its a Japanese mod car, means its must be a HOON?? please,.....not all mod car like to commit crime. STOP PICKING ON SKYLINE DRIVERS
  2. HI Senior, I Interested HKS actuators, IM from St kilda, can do pick up PM me your number if you can mate;))) Regards LUcas;)
  3. Hi Senior, interested in your front bumper. I'm from Melbourne Burwood. Can do pick up in da city also. Ermm, most importantly, is price negotiate? PM me your best price please. Cheers mate Lucas :D
  4. Hi Gun metal Could you PM me ganador mirror for R34? Can price please:)
  5. HI, Sleeper7 Sorry for the silly question, will this fit to my 1998 R34 GTT If YES, I would keen to buy from you Cheers Lucas;)
  6. Still got the spring for sell??? I can do pick up for both item:)))
  7. Hi everyone, I am look for one non-standard wastegate actuator for my R34 GTT. For boost increase purpose, anyone out there have one??? PM me please, I cant Pm yet;;(((( CHeers Lucas;)
  8. Hi everyone, I am looking for wastegate actuator for my R34 GT-T not specific brand prefer, merely to increase boost. Anyone selling??? PM me if you have one Cheers:) Lucas
  9. Hi, still got the bonnet for sell? I can do Melbourne pick up. contact me if you still wanna sell. 04 25540088 Cheers Lucas:)
  10. Hi there, so did you buy from powerhouseRacing.com ? Some help please, I'm looking for my R34 GT-T Thanks for reading:)
  11. I see, thanks man. Luckily I seek for advise before buying it,,, Do you mind telling me where to get one short shift for skyline R34 GTT locally??
  12. Hi Zaver, sad to hear that. It's hard to find one today. Ermmm, could you share your knowledge abit? Is this the same as yours? Will it fit on my R34GTT? Please assist,,, http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Nissan-Skyline-R34-...=item563724bb3e Your help is very much appreciate
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