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  1. lukits01

    Is this still available?
  2. lukits01

    You can try buying them from their shipping quotes are reasonable
  3. lukits01

    Hahahha grammar Nazi Maybe not many Toyotas, but Lexus were out in force the IS-F looks good in the flesh, a bit chromy for my taste though and Bling Bling LS, GS, IS were around as well this was my 2nd Tokyo Autosalon trip and I must say it was well worth it Im sure the veterans know what Im talking about LoL I learned the last time that 1 camera is not enough to capture the event so this time around we brought all the supporting gear 1 D-SLR 1 Semi-SLR 1 D-Camcorder 4 Battery Packs 10GB worth of memory stick 1 Laptop
  4. lukits01

    Supras are things of the past (So are Skylines come to think of it) Toyota doesn't have a flagship model these days their sporty image has gone down the drain They got lost in the sea of 07 GTR, 07 EVO, 07 STi, 07 CTR, 07 M3, etc. Top secret had their V12 Supra on hand still turned a few heads, but their 997 and 996 Porsche 911s look so much better! ahhaha Think thats about half my pictures posted... makes you wonder what the other half is... hahahha
  5. lukits01

    I'm a honda man now, so forgive me for the excessive honda pictures ahhaha I promise I'll make it worth your while in the end...