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  1. Cleaning out my garage and found them, brand new still wrapped in plastic. Full set front and rear, in a tan/beige colour... $100 pickup from 3192. Can ship but they are not light.
  2. ironpaw

    Did you get your M35 tuned on LPG? My old NM35 was tuned on LPG...was running a LPI sytem though. Went pretty good...except for the fact the installers botched the job and put a hole in the floor. Front passenger footwell got soaked everytime it rained...
  3. So some tuner on facebook made claims that his 325kw atw m35 stagea can do 0-100 in 3.3 sec. Apparently he logged this on a dyno. When I made comments doubting a stagea being as fast as GTR he banned me anf anyone else that questioned him. Is it even possible or is he just full of shit?
  4. ironpaw

    Lol. The butthurt is strong in here. Verbal abuse...i asked two questions. Maybe grow some thicker skin...
  5. ironpaw

    Tbh imho unless they have a timeslip its all just guesswork...
  6. ironpaw

    Think his username is in the stagea forum.
  7. ironpaw

    Lol. Interesting he's actually quite active on sau too...
  8. ironpaw

    PLanning to buy and install a boost gauge for the car...saw this and thought it might be a good setup: http://www.maperform...oupe-03-04.html it should fit our car right? the dash is pretty much identical to a G35/V35 right? I just hope it doesn't obstruct the tacho and speedo too much... Also, what brand Boost gauge do you guys recommend? I'm thinking of going AEM Analog...
  9. ironpaw

    Once JCI told me the car was written off I went to the shops and grabbed what I can. Even if you listed your mod you should be able to grab most of the small stuff... Maybe the Salvage Yard was pissed at me since i took the EMU so they can't even start the car
  10. ironpaw

    Scott bought my car at the auctions after it was written off...the Salvage yard took everything they could off the car...
  11. ironpaw

    1. Rear Cargo blind in beige/grey - $80 2. Full set of custom mat in...tan? Brand new, only the boot mat have been used. The rest are still wrapped in plastic. - $250 3. Emergency spare wheel - $10? 4. full set of stock suspension...shocks are shagged though - $50 5. stock intercooler - $50 6. stock front bar in KY0 silver - $100 7. power duct - $70 Either PM me or txt on 0410343738
  12. ironpaw

    Everything still available except for power duct. Also have a genuine Greddy MAP sensor to go with EMU.
  13. ironpaw

    Who are you insured with? When JCI wrote off my M35 I went to the panel shop and collected a few thing I know I had the Salvage yard thugs harassing me for the bits that I took (which was rightfully they were never declared in the policy). The dickhead had to galls to threaten me for running E85...says he's going go get Vicroads to investigate me. I said good luck and hung up on the f**ker...
  14. ironpaw

    Nah I called Dale and he sorted it out
  15. ironpaw

    That happened to mine as well...same spot that the links failed too...
  16. I've got an EMU with brand new Universal loom. Added bonus (or maybe not) it's already tuned for E85 yours for $600
  17. Got a bunch of stuff to sell since I wrecked my Stagea, 1, Genuine Greddy MAP Sensor - $150 2. Greddy Profec B II EBC - $200 3. HKS OB-Link - $150 Free postage aus wide, or Pick up from Bayside/SE Melb.
  18. ironpaw

    Hmm they Silky. They Smooth. Not...they're pretty fking firm...but I like it...
  19. ironpaw

    Scott has a set of Silk Roads....not sure if they're up for grabs though
  20. ironpaw

    Sorry power duct is sold...
  21. ironpaw

    Which mats did you need? Assist with postage???
  22. ironpaw

    hey they're floor mats located at 3192
  23. Don't see why not...I'll wait for word from my Insurance company
  24. You can have mine for $500...if I get the wreck back