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    Will be used to upload and link images for forum discussions (Parts...etc..)
  2. From the album: Personal Album

    Did a search using nissan fast under the OEM part number and found this listing at Autopartoo (http://www.autopartoo.com/oem/nissan/ay040ns0496g2.html) Gives the dimension of the pad.

    © Autopartoo

  3. You might be right, although the first time I tried putting those in (couple of years ago).They didnt seem to fit easy. I went to a clutch and brake place in dandenong and the dude measured by pads and gave me the Maxistop MDB 8382. Not the greatest set of pads. So i'm looking for the bendix replacement. The images below show the measurement problem. I also looked up for the OEM part number on Nissan Fast.. Then did a google search for it and found this on a website called autopartoo.com which gives the dimensions of the pads. But I'll try again with the bendix pad today and see how I go.. I've got a soft pedal so will be bleeding the system.
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    From the album: Personal Album

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    From the album: Personal Album

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  6. * CORRECTION * -- Fronts are by a manufacturer called "Maxi Stop" Part Number : M-D-B 8382 -- Rears are by a manufacturer called "Maxi Stop" Part Number : M-D-B 1144 I cant seem to find the fronts by Bendix anyone got any idea?
  7. Had a time looking for the correct pads to fit my car..... spent a decent while at repco, supercheap, brakes plus and few other stores. But finally realised that, Fronts DB8382 Rears DB1144 Hope that Helps. Cheers
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