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  1. v36 door panel hi im just taking off my interiour front door panels i have unclipped all the platic toggles around the door and removed one bolt from behind door lever, but upun pulling hard i see two yellow toggles of sorts about level with the window control etc part on the trim (behind inside.....I dont want to wrench it in case i split trim....so does anyone know how to unclip these 2 yellow pins? thanx much
  2. regarding getting music to stream,i am having a hard time trying to do this..my menus differ from the guide.. i cant see anywhere to enable bluetooth streaming although i dont know what i hit bit my phone then find multimedia from car it pairs up but wont connect..and then i lost that somehow so all i have now is the usual call audio....07 v36 love to get this going..thanx
  3. ok i got a few answers off them it is indeed an entertainment system, but i gather you can switch jap system to this also touchscreen works And bose audio phone/bluetooth they recon it takes 1.5 days to do,and say its a complicated install, you can take that anyway you like i guess..
  4. hi just came across a really promising team that have for 1600 nz conversion of your v36......they give you navi/radio usb/ipod/ and ive asked a heap of questions which ill update here www.autogravity.co.nz/ or for a few pics hi, yes there is product for skyline, please check http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1032174679 good luck
  5. hell ive just ben talking to a guy in aus who says a conversion/gps also for $2500 does starautosound ring any bells,im in nz and have seached here but any likely people dont answer back,this guys says id have to send unit over?? Any one in nz know anything about conversion thnx
  6. hi there where in nz was this as ive wrote to 3 likely places and had 0 replies,they dont want work!!!!
  7. thanx chris all done i didnt realize theres an auto seek..) know next time
  8. and the question remains how to get them back...thanx
  9. Hi i have the bose system.and some time back i had a exteder fitted and was working fine,i dont really want to go auto elec shop. but i seem to have lost my added freqs,maybe from battery removal? any ideas how to get it back? thanx
  10. simple question just been wondering how many air bags the 2007 350 spo has.....i cant tell if its got a ny more then the 2 front? thanx phil
  11. Ok thnx all for the info makes life easier....
  12. hi what reason do the v36 desingers have in different size tyres fron rear, would i be silly to put 245 all around i see the benefit in rotating tyres? quick answer would be great as it failed warrent thnx
  13. hi make sure its not your disc pads worn to low level as i think its got a low level metal prong that hits rotar and make scratchy noise...
  14. hi im in nz napier to be exact i found local nissan dealership not very good at certain parts of service,i mean anyone can change oil etc but i asked for it to go on the consult macine,to check things out cost me 80.00 for consult only to be told later they treated my car as a stnd japan nissen (family type car) as they dont have anything about the 350, they didnt even offer 350z info....so id like to know where can you if needed get a true diagnostic...thnz