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  1. Hi there how many bleed points are there on v36 07 ? and where are they located found one by battery box thanx
  2. i did go supercheap but thier nearest was only 90kpa ive since tracked a 130kpa so would you recon near enough? cheers
  3. hi there where in nz can i buy a 2007 v36 cap? Have tried nissan dealership ,repco/supercheap btw say 137 kpa thanx...
  4. Hi there after on idle for 20 miins looking for a water issue i noticed even tho very hot on all hoses my interior gauge shows about one quarter up from cold,so my qustions are at what stage do the elec fans come on they didnt in the 20 mins im really wondering if im overheating . Where is the sensor located? what sensor turns them on? tia v36 2007 btw
  5. righty ho I managed to get a test kit and on 2 different occasions it didnt turn yellow which is good news i guess .
  6. i have to mention also power is down and uses more fuel that what it used to.... i may want to sell in a year or so and i cant sell this..lol
  7. Ok with lockdown cant get a co2 device but i sloped the car, filled the bottle half full sealed onto radiator,,,,,youl see vid 1 which is 5 mins in video 2 12 minutes in and video 3 20 mins. i guess my dumb mechanic didnt do this as youl see by vid 3 it shows what i presume is indeed compression/exhaust gases into water///// Thank you for looking, the coolent did have a bottle of some hoodoo in it to hopefully plug leaks by mechanic,,, last vid is when engine is switched off... 1.mp4 2.mp4 3.mp4 20200415_144723.mp4
  8. i didnt see the test but he said the compression was i think 190 on all no loss and the leakdown no issues, btw thank you for all the info much appreciated also the car has never overheated just hear bubble sound form behind dash when i started the car..upon opening bonnet the resivour was pretty full......so ill try the bleeding scenario
  9. He infered to me that winding it over doing compression test he saw bubbles and no matter which cylinder he did he saw bubles these are not fine bubbles but like a burp btw v36 i got the g35 manual
  10. update on my troubles mechanic checked all the cooling system over..no apparent issues went to next stage took throttle body off and compession tested it and then a leakdown test ...........both no issues he then put back together and vac test the system no issues\ He is a bit stumped but did say maybe the water pump is sucking air behind the timing cover anybody seen anything like this??? he said there where bubble coming up on compession test on any of the cylinders..... is it possible to suck air in somewhere else? thank you
  11. ok that sounds not too bad is the timing cover one piece or is there a top section thats not behind pumps and things... btw i had a search for v36 workshop manual and g36 for 2007 cant locate any ideas
  12. i got a bit lost on last part of your statement ( But pulling timing covers off is not the difference between affordable and not.) im trying to assertaian if the front has to drop away and take radiator out for acess cheers
  13. im in napier the guy thinks upwards to 3 grand and seems to think the engine may have to come out or drop the front away!!! he may be reading wrong stuff.. so to do head gasket does the whole timing covers have to come off? or can heads be done insitu.... thanx guys
  14. i took it to a reputable mechanic who pressure tested the system and his advice was the next stage put air compessed into cylinders which will tell the truth i guess
  15. the car has been maintained at every maintaince schedule last big one was all brake fluid all coolant auto trans filter engine filter oil etc. i bought it in 2007 but its used only for longer trips
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