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  1. I hope this is in the right place.....whats wrong with my car (skyline).. Well basically its start and drivers fine, but when i turn it off, the car will not start back up, i have to wait like 3-4 hrs than it will start up... when its not starting the car lights turn on everything is fine i turn the key, and i get the sound like its turning over but it just will not start/engage/go.... any ideas
  2. Sorry, for playin dumb, but whats the kit??? when he has tiptronic already in the car.... I thought you could only get the full shift kit, is when you have an auto not tiptronic, the kit makes it into tiptronic, (or so to speak).... Cause when i ring up MV Auto's he told me that i could only get the valve body, since my car (R34 Gt-t) has tiptronic..... can someone make this clearer for me please???
  3. hey all, not to sure if this is the place to ask but, i was just going through some classifieds are i saw this guy selling his R34 gtt. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/R3...74#entry5431174 My question is that he says that he put in ""MV Automatics stage 2 Shift kit installed"" but his car is already tiptronic, so only the valve body got put in???
  4. hey, i just want to know what do you mean by ""MV Automatics stage 2 Shift kit installed"" Do you mean only the valve body from MV Auto??? only because I see that you have a tiptronic. I have a tiptronic, i wanted to put in a full shift kit to manualise my car, and he told me that it cant be done because it already has tiptronic, so only the valve body can go in... so whats yours???
  5. Well it wasnt me, its was my mate... To cut to short, i told him what happen, he had alittle look, unplugged the AFM plug, and then i started it up, it idled fine, when i rev it alittle bit, it coughed and passed out..lol then put the AFM back on, started it up, cough, splat, chug chug. But now, 4 days late after it has just been sittin around the engine light has come on.... Just waitin on AFM.. than ill see where i stand...
  6. When i took the plug off the afm, the car idled very nicely but as soon as i put down the accelerator it coughed, splatted and stopped... i brought a secondhand afm, hopefully it will come this week, going to put that in, hopefully it works, and than when i get the nistune, im thinking i might get a new Bosch z32 80mm AFM with a tomei plug....
  7. hey all, well by my topic heading, you could get the idea that my shitline crapped it self... anywho, its the air flow meter or the ECU...Im getting a mate to put it on a diagnostic tool, to find out the problem and to see if there are any other gremlins... My question is if its the ECU, am I better of getting a new aftermarket ECU/replace the hole thing, or get a second hand stock ECU/or a new stock ECU and than get a NIStune chip-and plug straight into it??? I have a R34 GT-t tiptronic 98' I was going to do some upgrades, like: NIStune intercooler kit valve body Turbotech boost controller as previously discussed in another topic in here now also Im thinking of getting a bosch Z32 80mm with a tomei plug after the upgrades that im doing.. ANYway, its about the ECU's, and if it is the aftermarket ones, which one?? or whats good, whats bad, and what to came clean off???
  8. Well no I willnt be going to the track. Its just a street car. But you know, boys and there cars..... So yeah Im looking for power and handling... Getting the NIStune chip in a week or 2... with the shift kit. I read up about it, in one of these fourms. Just want to know if its worth getting it, since i have tiptronic, will the shift kit make any difference... I was already getting the valvebody for hard shifts...And if anyone is going to ask, i always use the tiptronic anyways, cant stand the hole auto thing.. with the boost controller, should i be looking at the manual one or the Electronic boost controller??? And i was thinking about getting an intercooler. That would be the end of stage 1 (maybe an GTR fuel pump) in short Stage 1 NIStune ECU valvebody or shift kit booster controller intercooler fuel pump ?? Stage 2 ( to come in the next following months) turbo injectors coilovers.. OK so what do we think about that???? And money wise at the moment, i have around $4000 mark..
  9. Thanks to all of you!!!! Cheers... To answering some questions, Im looking at mods, to making A""nice all rounder car" Power and handling. Not going over the top... First Im more of a car enthusiast, than knowing about whats goes under the hood... Me, i can fix your pc, build you a new one or get you just about any prog...If you know what i mean.. When it comes to cars, i can drive them, and i can drive them well, but knowing the engine and mods for it all...well, sorry, not my strong point... So this is what Im looking at:- What Ive got, R34 GTt 98' 3" exhaust, from turbo/to exhaust tip drift Hi flow pod filter. 19" rims Full body kit, with fiber glass bonnet/with breath holes, 2 for heat, 1 for pod filter And its black.. will put a pic for my avatar soon..after i clay bar it. down side.. its a.. and Im HATING saying but its a Tiptronic... I needed a car, and i couldn't find a manual for a couple of weeks.. anyway, when you all get of the shock horror. Things i was going to do next (and this is what Im asking about) boost controller aftermarket ECU.. not to sure which or what one?? intercooler fuel pump sway bars (maybe) dyno tune Now, am I fooling my self, am I missing something, should I be looking/doing something totally different???Please comments, chop and change my ideas... Fix my list..... Cheers all....
  10. Hey all... I have just brought me self a R34 GT-t, 98'..., It already has a 3" piping and exhaust, and a drift pod filter..., i have been reading from this web site. http://nissanskyline.6te.net/ On how/or what to mod first and so on... I wanted to ask anyone in here about modin me car. Should i just stick to that web site, or should i be doing other mods first, what to look out for etc etc...just a list and where to start...cheers
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