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  1. The time has come to part ways with my Stagea. Its been great owning this car for the last 4 years however its time to move on to something a bit more work friendly. 2.5L V6 Turbo, Tiptronic Auto, Attessa 4wd Black exterior, Beige leather interior 121,200km (imported at 47,000km) rego till Aug 2015 (being renewed soon) Most basic specs can be looked up about this car, see below: http://www.j-spec.com.au/wiki/Nissan/Stagea/M35/id-336 Some things I've changed since owning the car: Double din TV head unit - Eclipse AVN726EA Reverse camera HITV head rest TV's Optima battery - yellow top Dynamat to front door panels (all above work by FHRX Studios) Cat Back exhaust HKS panel filter RDA front (slotted) and rear rotors QFM HPX Brake Pads front and rear (6 months old) Front and rear whiteline HD sway bars Rear HD Ball Links Heavy Duty 316L rear upper link mounts Superpro suspension bushes BC BR coilovers Passenger and drivers side cam sensors Drivers side window motor (used) AFM Drivers side wheel bearing Hi flow fuel pump I was gradually getting the car to a state that I was happy with but work commitments mean that I need a car with no loud exhaust and better ground clearance. The car has always had regular servicing either by myself or qualified mechanic and has recently had a major service including changing the drivers front wheel bearing and fuel pump\filter. The rims have a few grinds on them which was how it cam imported. I didnt care too much as these were replaced by 20" rims soon after, but as these were horrible to drive with I decided to go back to stock. With all the suspension mods the car really does handle well, and with a bit of engine work it could be quite a weapon. Hopefully someone can pick up where I'm leaving off. Asking $14k neg, with 12 months rego and a lot of spare parts. No swaps thanks. Call or PM for any more info - 0417 498 943 Thanks Joel
  2. Hey guys, had to post up a statement of love for these forums. This all happened to me a few weeks ago while giving a bit of a squirt.. basically stalled at 80 and i was stuck on the side of the road. jumped onto SAU on the phone.. search.. wallah I read about this common AFM issue.. unplugged it and it kicked over first go! limped my ass home and ordered a new one using the model codes from this thread and I was back on the road in 4 days (including weekend). Any other car with a poor aftermarket following would have no forum support, and would be stuck waiting for NRMA or a tow truck. In case anyones interested in another source for this AFM.. try www.CyberspaceAutoParts.com.au I got the sensor for $220 + delivery.. much better than $307 and 2 weeks from Nissan! Cheers
  3. Ok so I got some codes: 0335 - crank position sensor A circuit malfunction. 0340 - cam position sensor circuit malfunction Are these the sensors you were talking about Jetwreck? Will these need to be replaced then? If so which are the best import friendly dealers I can get these from? Would these be a DIY job or best for a pro to do? Sorry for the barrage of questions lol
  4. Hi guys, thanks for your replies. I hope its not the battery, I've got an optima yellow top in there and its only been a year. I have been hesitant to crank it too much, I've read this can be bad for the starter and will shorten its already short life. I'll give it a go in the morning and see what happens. Will also see if she spits out any codes at the same time. Will be my first time reading codes, hope I'm accurate. Yep, prestons is just a stones throw away from me. I'll let you know how she goes tomorrow. Thanks again
  5. Hi guys, I've been reading on here for the last 3 days trying to find a reason why my Axis won't start. it has similar symptoms to 3pointJ who's also posted on here, I started the car as normal one morning.. 5 secs later it turned itself off... now it just won't start. I've tried resetting the ecu (although didnt check for fault codes), I've taken the AFM plug out and tried to start with no joy and I've disconnected the battery for a full day and still no luck. there is 3/4 tank of premium in it and it was serviced not too long ago. I did have a problem a few months back where it stalled randomly and wouldnt kick over right away. after turning off and turning back on again it started but took longer cranking to get there. since then it has taken this same longer amount of time to start but has always started. I took it to my mechanic to get it repaired but he couldnt figure it out, would it be better going to an auto elec? seeing the car is basically a computer with an engine and wheels.. any thoughts? cheers for any help Joel
  6. something like this happened to me the other night, randomly stalled then very hard to start afterwards. still takes a while to kick over at every start, but seems to run ok while driving. I'll have a look tomorrow and try find anything loose
  7. I'm down for this! Hopefully can get some more mods done in the time to this event..
  8. to be honest I'm not really sure what the offset of these rims is, or the actual rim width either. I do know that the tyre is 225 though lol. it was basically a off the shelf purchase, didnt put much thought into it as I just wanted a nice set of rims rather than the gutter bashed stockies. in hindsight I should have researched ideal offset, width, dia with a decent tyre and talked to import monster for a nice set, but instead I got talked into something that probably wasn't selling so well with a set of tyres that were the cheapest of the lot. I didnt think this car would grow on me so much..
  9. they aren't too bad in person, the polished spokes go well with the chrome accents on the car. definitely can do better though.. maybe just get some 22's like this: http://www.supraforums.com.au/forum/members-rides/58430-2002-nm35-autech-axis-stagea.html
  10. but with some height taken out the rims increase in size.. but it becomes less practical the lower you go! My love of this car grows everyday so it might get to a stage where a new set of rims with suspension is in order.. and some new brakes!
  11. doesnt look so bad from this angle.. but from here you can see my issues with offset
  12. these are actually 20".. but yes I def need larger tyres! I'm not too happy about the offset on these either... need some new 19" forgies yummmmmmmm. my original aim with these wheels was to complement the car so they didnt stand out too much.. i guess it worked! lol
  13. this is what the AXIS looks like now.. big wheels but they look tiny being up so high. would love to take an inch out of it but almost seems like more hassle than its worth. Your cars are dumped!! I couldnt go close to that
  14. I'm not sure which way I'm leaning at present, I have loaded up the car with some heavy items quite a few times so it needs to stay functional.. but the look of it squatted tempts me badly! I also love being able to drive over things without fearing the usually scrapage that I get with the Supra, but I want it to have less understeer than at present. I'll wait and see how the Whiteline sway bars go that I just ordered from Daleo
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