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  1. Philips Red Led Brake Light S25 P21/5W 1157 BAY15D 12836 2 Dual Brightness AU Supercrap wanted $57 for two ! Basically got all four for cheaper than that ! Also got some generic brand ones for indicator and reverse - will update on specs when they rock up.
  2. Dan got back to me and said he isnt supplying anymore. In the meantime I have ordered replacement LEDs online for stop/tail, reverse and indicator so as soon as that arrives I will swap the globes and fit it up. Keen to see what it looks like on the car.
  3. Thanks for the heads up Will keep looking...online is going to have to be the go to option I think !
  4. A few quick pictures of what the car looks like at the moment
  5. Painted...now to find LEDs...is 666Dan still supplying them??
  6. I am back folks ! Wooohooo Picked up a set of tail lights with tinted lens (thanks Gav). Going to get some LEDs as I suspect the exisiting globes might not cut it in bright daylight with the degree of tint on it. Then paint and will be ready to swap with the current set. Should be different and blend into the black better (though I do kind of like the red circles constrasting against the black paintwork)
  7. Latest addition and one of the reasons why I still have no time for car stuff.....
  8. Excuse the much needed but not yet upgraded phone picture resolution quality
  9. Moving into my new house mid July....so stay tuned......will be spend on car time soon Cheeky photo opportunity
  10. Also please like and share...you could get a free sketch as a thank you !!
  11. Hey, I have started a facebook page called CARtooonz where I will be posting pictures of my latest work. At the moment I am doing it for fun but plan to start taking orders if I find enough interest / if it takes off. Will be relatively cheap as I am no pro but do it as a hobby. Feel free to have a look and give me your feedback. Thanks, http://www.facebook.com/CARtooonz
  12. My addition....Better? any these are the best of my baby
  13. ^^ funny looking 33 and as per rules.....
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