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  1. Duncan can you get these for $350 still in victoria? adam
  2. The supersprint on you tube has budges and my commo in front of the S15 , i remember watching the S15 in the mirror and thinking im dead meat once a corner or braking area approaches but lucky i have the powah , makes up for my ( obvious) lack of ability. Im guessing the s15 is failry mild in the mods?. adam
  3. 24 cars and only half the track!! , did they have traffic lights at the boobs? (hairpins) . Im hoping that the std of driving was acceptable or was their a bit of pass or die going on ?. adam
  4. That would be me , happy i could help . adam
  5. I have the same problem on the wrx track days .... adam
  6. The first tyre pictured is the RA1 and while not in the league of the re55 it will certainly produce better lap times than the RT215 . Toyo make the R888 to compete with the bridgy and it has has very good results , compared to the equivelent yoki AO48's at the recent historics( which it has been recently approved for ) round at PI. adam.
  7. I think budge wants to exclude not just skylines but the rest of the commos( espec the blue and red ones ) and the mx5's then maybe he might get third . ps Snowy , watched that serious perf. 8 dvd yesterday and saw the Datsun getting another flogging around calder , saw the 52 sec time and hoped that was the short track you were using. adam
  8. 15's at sandown is so quick i cant even comprehend how a "strret" car can get that time , i can manage a high 20(happy with that) at best and andrew/frank are flat/low 20's but 15's is miles away . These cars would have to make about 400 rwkw and wiegh in at around 1200kg?. Andrew is right considering a roll cage isnt required at all for these timed sprints when one of these cars leaves the track ( lets hope it doesnt ) there isnt going to be much left of it. adam
  9. Paul , interesting thread and a good read but i have one question . I use a knock link on my track car and notice depending on what fuel i fill up with ( same brand BP ultimate) the knock link sometimes picks up a few knocks on different tanks . You might get "good" batches of fuel and "bad" batches and while adjusting your mixtures to suit every tank is fantastic you might be chasing your tail for most of the time. adam
  10. The track was a shocker once wet and the R34 didnt stand a chance , i came onto the straight at about 50km/h and lost the front / then rear once it hit the surface change , the day had to be cancelled or more would have hit the wall. ac
  11. yeah , just a nick name for them . ac
  12. The purple r33 ran a 1:02:61 on super cheaters , was a decent day and we are lucky the rain held out for so long . I feel sorry for the r34 owner , its an excellent vehicle and hope its back out soon enough. adam
  13. Hey roy , im a bit of track whore just like your self and attend all wrx days and as the skyline guys are their often its made these days heaps better. VL's are worth nothing these days so they make a decent base as everything has to be changed from std anyway . Im running a supra 5 speed, std diff , vn 330 mm disc with a 2 spot caliper which are easy and cheap bolt ons. Engine has just been rebuilt and is still a carby 304 but is fitted with rollers and a solid cam , makes 200 atw . Shocks are just pedders shit atm but im looking at something a little more focused for next year . Tyres are toyo R888's which have helped with the times coming down. The car is a good match for the rwd skylines as the times are close except at sandown where your r32's times i had no hope in catching. Ill be sure to come and say hello at calder. ps nice pic in front of the pub at benalia
  14. Thanks snowy , the big fat ass wagon is my mates and is actually a stock 5ltr with side pipes , but it does have some good suspension and brakes to help it . I know the interior looks stripped but its an executive and they all look like that . Actually bass junky had a couple of slides in front of my car also but managed to keep it of the grass and i reckon hes the last of the late brakers as i had a go at him into the left onto the back straight and he flew past my braking point.!! adam
  15. The driver trainers will not be timed either , however if the instructor believes he is capable by himself he can be slotted into a "timed" session if he wishes. adam
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