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  1. i know this may not be relavent but hot 4s or pi or something did a replacement fuel one day for it. it was using methanol instead of ethanol and they used less methanol in fact a 40% petrol and the rest was methanol. it could take more timing and made more power with the same setup maybe 10/20 kw over e85. just again 60% methanol and 40% petrol and it wont eat through any thing but it can only be home made.
  2. this will be my last poston this topic and thankyou for clearing that up it was just a thought at the time.
  3. i know i might get flamed for this but. if you put a rb26 in a gts4 does it tecnicaly make it a gtr [not meaning all the other stuff] i know it is a stupid question but i have been really wondering. imnot going to do this any time but yeah its been bugging me.
  4. red r31 skyline at the same maccas as the red r32 [morayfild road next to sizzler] red r33 gtst at morayfield tavern [same street by the kfc] gray r33 gtst on caboolture river road no mods most likely [very quiet] EDIT: the gray R33 has no aftermarket exaust as stated above in fact probly no mods at all.
  5. okay okay ill say aftermarket exaust from now on and ill only put up skylines and stageas from now on
  6. silver r33 gtst with aftermarket wheels exuast and fmic. had either a nice turbo flutter or atmo bov [no car so i cant tell the difference] that r32 that i reported earlier is still there only i got the location wrong it is at the maccas on morafield road next to the john paige nissan
  7. black mr2 with zorst rims top mount and 'fuly sik' blacked out taillights [wanted to shout nice defect mate] morayfield road outside morayfield state school silver rx8 with zorst [ could hear braping half a mile away] grants road [off cab river road]
  8. yesterday silver r34 gtt zorst rims and xenons black s15 kitted zorst fmic wrx with zorst and tail lights granny driving a different wrx all on walkers road mid afternoon
  9. lol at my own insult but i saw it when in trouble with mum and i think to clarify it was quite close to the cab state high school [mayb at takeaway near there]
  10. black nissan silvia s13 aftermarket zorst [could tell by growl at idel] stock else [as far as i no] seen on morayfield rd inter with cab river road
  11. rb2634datto

    Stolen R33

    that sucks i hope u find it with out it being dead black r33 series 2 stolen and they found it hacked to bits without a engine
  12. red and a black r32 caboolture mechanical and exaust for the black dont remember for the red
  13. i now its my post but it just is a dream at the moment but dreams become reality if you try [not talking about weird dreams with impossible stuff in them]
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