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  1. Thats just as bad man, what are we encouraging those p platers to just have someone elses car that just happens to look like cop bait? skylines dont need that kind of attention they have a bad enough reputation anyway. i have had photos taken and got compliments about mine but its not cos i copied a movie, but your right you can do what ever you want.... by the way i dont think there are many Fast and the Furious fans that are car enthusiasts lol
  2. +1 and batteries can do funny thnings when old or dying, could be enough charge to crank but not enough for fueling and/or ignitionn etc..
  3. does it try to fire or just nothing at all?
  4. come on.. really, what happened to making your car unique and yours, i know its hard to make a skyline unique lol but its easier than making a commodore or falcon unique. i guess if you want your car to look like that good for you but there is way better things to do than that....
  5. this is roughly how i would go to rule out what the problem is NOT. If the noise is there with the clutch pedal is down and up its a good bet its the clutch or thrust bearing if it is only there when the clutch pedal is down then it is a problem with the clutch or thrust bearing. if it is only there when the clutch pedal is up then it is in the gearbox. if it is there in neutral it is likely to be the input shaft bearing, if it is loud in the lower gears and quieter in the higher one it could be countershaft bearings. if the noise is a rattle and only happens when you engage the clutch its probably the clutch. serisouly the cheapest thing to do is put redline shockproof oil in the box, think bout it oil $180 clutch $300 and up if you do it yourself gearbox $1000 + even if you do put the redline oil in and the noise is still there you can just drain it and reuse it once you have fixed the problem, its not like it will do 20000km before if the problem is still there.
  6. lol he asked for pictures. thats why if you want to do it you get like 16 x 9 + 15 sunraysias or similar and drill 5 x 114.3. then you put 205s on them, and get started on some guard work (we are talking gts yeh...). only way it would look good in my opinion...
  7. Cusco are not cams or roadworthy. Brown davis will do a half cage that is cams and adr, so no trouble on or off the track, i reckon you would be really pushing it to be able to put people in the back with a cage there but they do build cages that let you keep the seat.
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