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  1. Hey guys. I have 18X9.5 +35 ENKEI PF01 WHEELS WITH NEAR NEW 265X35 AD08R TYRES for sale. In good condition, colour is a dark gun metal grey. location is newcastle but im sure we can work something out if you live in sydney. Price is $2,250
  2. righto cool terry thanks mainly just interested in the motorsport days these days hah. tech nights are a mission to go to from newcastle
  3. has anything been planned yet? I cant find a link to anything? me and 6 friends are going to wakie in may, an sau day with yiming would be nice!!!
  4. yep if you need a locomotive that needs fixing im the guy to call hahaha. yeah but the kits are lean toos, not free standing. so gotta wait till lysaghts open on the 6th before I can sort anything. pretty annoying
  5. you can pull your plugs out and see if they look burnt/f**ked up. also an overall inspection of the coil packs and loom. shit job on a standard gtt
  6. how much was the fine?? I believe any mechanic that does blue slips can pass you? so change it back and youll be fine? as for the fuel... just hope you got a good mechanic? did you get an epa?
  7. I should be building a shed this weekend martin getting worried it may not turn up!
  8. looks so hectic mat! dont think mine will look that professional hah. will still be good though
  9. haha awesome. he said 10 days, which is tomorrow. so should be soon I think I saw enough when you had the old bird on your lap!
  10. hey guys, havent been on in a while. garage should be started to be built on Saturday if martin ever delivers my stuff!
  11. is a requirement for your new car the colour yellow?
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