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  1. Yes both the V-Spec and V-Spec II decals have alignment arrows (I called them marking arrows in my above post). The yellow line in each of the photos is where I believe the arrow should line up with. Also worth noting there is an upper and lower "ridge" on the rear bar, the decal should be positioned evenly between these two "ridges" as shown in attached photo.
  2. I've found the factory brochure photos which show the V-Spec and V-Spec II decal locations. Looks like they should be sit fairly central within the right, right side larger tail light as mentioned above however the V-Spec decal marking arrow appears to line up to the centre of the larger right taillight and the V-Spec II decal marking arrow appears to line up to the right hand edge of the inner circle of the larger right taillight. So that said you shouldn't line up the V-Spec II marking arrow centrally with the taillight as it will make the decal sit too far to the left, I've seen a few photos on google where it looks like this is what people have incorrectly done. Check out my attached photos which probably show it better.
  3. Great to deal with, thanks mate.

  4. Hi, can I get a price on 4 x 265 35 18 NITTO INVO delivered to 4814.
  5. honest, fast delivery a+++ seller

  6. Gtr

    +1 on 34GTR!
  7. 5-0 Radio: http://itunes.apple....d334624666?mt=8 Amazing app, listen in on cops in your area and worldwide Trapster: http://itunes.apple....d290629277?mt=8 Great app, shows fixed speed cameras locations as well as mobile radars that get uploaded from users. Decibel Meter: http://itunes.apple....d289219810?mt=8 Self explanatory... Gibson Learn & Master Guitar: http://itunes.apple....d355744218?mt=8 Awesome free app for anyone who plays guitar, it comes with heaps of features including a great tuner Ultimate Guitar: http://itunes.apple....d357828853?mt=8 Again awesome app for anyone who plays guitar, has all the tabs you'll ever need and more Falling Fred: http://itunes.apple....d414729389?mt=8 Pretty entertaining (and violent) game Cyanide & Happiness: http://itunes.apple....d368088267?mt=8 Good for a laugh!
  8. Looks like it was an awesome weekend! I'll definitely have to come along next year. Love the KING 87 GTR, any more pics of it?
  9. haha, yeah confirmed, it's separate, you can change the knob out without needing to mess with the lifter
  10. Honestly thought a R35 kit wouldn't look too bad on a 350....I was wrong
  11. Wow, nice knob Phil! haha But seriously that's definitely one of the nicest aftermarket ones I've seen. It'll be a pity to see your old one go, it's seen so much...activities haha
  12. I'll take one..please send bank details.

    So it will definitely suit a 2001 vspec2?

  13. Hyperdrive have some nice kits, and they're available through Harvey Norman, but you do pay a bit for them
  14. Can I add the crowd to the list of annoying things? I know it's a relatively unimportant aspect of the game, but I thought that in this day in age they could produce spectators that weren't all 2D identical twins! I feel likes i'm playing sega rally in the arcade!
  15. had a feeling it might've been the same GTR...