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  1. Yes they are available in australia, iv had mine for about 4 months, and only payed $450 from AVI in sydney
  2. What condition is it in, how many k's has it done, is it cluncky?? thanks tris
  3. Is it just to solinoid or is it the whole setup eg solinoid, MAP sensor, witing for both etc?? thanks tris
  4. Hi a mate of mine's oil pump in his rb30et has died and he is looking for another one from rb30et or rb26, if any body can help, his number is 0412664077 his name is Brendan. thanks tris
  5. Im interested, iv got a 180sx with a blown engine that this would fit in to nicely, can you send pics of the conversion to drifting180@yahoo.com.au, also does this have a tail shaft and everything that is needed to fit it in to a s13?? thanks tris
  6. Where in sydney are you, im interested in the tail lights. tris
  7. can you send pics to drifting180@yahoo.com.au thanks tris
  8. how much do you want for the tail lights??
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