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  1. Read the description Yes theres a crease on the quarter and yes it has bonnet pins. The rad support hasn't been modified
  2. Odometer check added in pics 99000km last rego before export
  3. Last owner couldnt remember he said somewhere in sydney. Back when he purchased it and had all the service work done. I checked numbers they're stock. However, Stock ceramic wouldn't last that many years on 19psi from what everyone has told me
  4. so people know, the photo of the roof is reflection of clouds not clear peel. paint is in excellent cond.
  5. R33 GTR V spec - Series 2 up for sale is my series 2 v-spec R33 gtr Reason for sale is change of circumstances with work, it is unfortunate but this is the most logical thing to do Power fc with hand controller Greddy elec boost controller Nismo cluster 188XXX Nismo gear knob Billion digital thermo fan controller Blitz power id meter Blitz hardpipe intakes Top secret imports air box Hks hardpipe intercooler kit Greddy catch can Copper radiator Silicone radiator hoses 5zigen front pipes and cat back Also come with a hks diff back Blitz kevlar strut brace Excedy clutch and light weight flywheel Tein coilovers Nismo front caster arms Nismo rear camber arms Nismo control arms Series 3 headlights (xenons) Series 3 bumper and n1 ducts Series 3 front lip (brand new) Genuine n1 bonnet lip (bolted into bonnet) Cusco bonnet pins Nismo front indicators Nismo side indicators Varstoen 19" 9.5 +20 New New internal locking nuts Will come with x force dump pipes Running 19psi Turbos should be steel internals for that much boost but hard to say without pulling apart I have attached invoices for massive overhaul and everything mechanically done by top secret at 174000. text my phone, you'll get instant response and im happy to take more photos/videos if needed I have knocked the price down to 30k. I am solid at this amount. do not bother low balling me Bad points small crease on left rear quarter and the bonnet pins on the paint work air con idle hasn't been set up correctly in the power fc, stalls after a minute on idle drivers mirror doesn't fold in with switch wheels need to be re balanced. Slight vibration in steering at 100km. Only started when i put these wheels I will consider swapping for a s15 with a proper cash adjustment. Needs to be adm, factory blue, sunroof, cloth seats and factory turbo/manual. dont bother trying to swap me a piece of shit.
  6. If you're happy to meet somewhere? I would have painted them anyway haha
  7. Dunno if messenger is working, swap for advan racing Rz 18x10 +20 275/18 nitto invo
  8. Advan rz racing 18×10 +20 Looking at swaping my advans, something decent fit with tyres for my 33 Located port mac nsw 2444 18×10 +20 Sqaure set Clear brembos Nitto invo 285/35/18
  9. Clips in, cheaper to find off a wreck Next best thing was from jesse streeter Btw i have sold the car, given a cash offer i couldn't knock back My next thread will be on a 33R
  10. Its from rhd japan Its a east bear front lip
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